Crystal Workshops

All crystal workshops are currently being held in Gowrie Junction, 15 minutes drive from Toowoomba CBD. These are LIVE in person workshops. However, you're welcome to take our online course if you're not local instead.

 Check out the live crystal workshops below

Quest Crystal Workshop


Date: Sunday 26th November 2023

Time: 2pm - 4pm (Should be around the 2 hour mark but no longer than 3 hours )

Location: Gowrie Junction

💎 During this workshop you'll begin with

✔️Choosing your crystals either with your eyes or with your energy
✔️ Learn about the different healing uses for 25 crystals
✔️ Programming suggestions for the 24 crystals
✔️ Recommended chakras for the 25 crystals

Next you will use certain crystals together to make 7 different crystal kits for a particular goal or outcome. You'll be able to make a

🪻 Chakra healing kit
🪻 Abundance kit
🪻 Protection kit
🪻 Love kit
🪻 Sweet dreams kit
🪻 Anxiety kit
🪻Mood Booster kit

Included in this live workshop is

💎 25 crystals
💎 x5 crystal pouch bags
💎 A 12 page A4 booklet
💎 x7 kit cards
💎 Reiki clearing of your crystals
💎 FREE BONUS Introduction to Working with Crystals Online Course which covers

✨️ Choosing crystals with your eyes and with your energy
✨️ Cleansing and crystal care
✨️ Aligning with crystals
✨️ Using your crystals for healing
✨️ Rock breathing meditation
✨️ Programming your crystals
✨️ Creating crystal grids
✨️ Crystals for Chakras
✨️ And extra crystal resources

Click an image belowto watch Youtube video reviews about the Quest Crystal Workshop 



Odyssey  Crystal Workshop

Even more crystals and different crystal kits (Coming in 2024) Subscribe to be notified of when this workshop is up and running


Pinnacle Crystal Workshop

Working with generators, terminated points and more (Coming in 2024)
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Feng Shui Crystal Workshop

Placement of different crystals throughout certain rooms in your home to work with specific energies (Coming in 2024)
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