My Personal Journey

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I use to feel stuck and just lost in life. But as we tell our story of the pains that  we've gone through, usually being able to share what we've experienced, helps with the healing process. I have shared my story that many times. I do mentoring for different people and I help them also to become unstuck in life.

Everyone is going through something different so of course, your journey is unique to you. Being able to get yourself out of a dark place, I want to share my story with you.

Rock Bottom of Depression - And A Way out

I had reached the lowest point in my life and I was in a state of mind where I really just didn't want to be here anymore in this physical experience.

I was at rock bottom and I remember sitting at the end of our bed just crying. I'd locked myself in our bedroom just like I'd done so may times before so my husband and my children knew - just leave mum alone. Leave her alone. She's in her pool of sadness at the moment.


Energy Healing. What The Heck Is That?

After listening to the voice that came through to me that night in October 2006, I started researching and things started coming to me because my attention was now on wanting to know what that voice was and how I got to writing all those words out that didn't really come from me but came through me.

Being able to listen and being able to understand about the inner guidance, your voice within, the little nudges that you can start receiving - I started listening to these things and one of them nudged me or guided me toward energy healing.

Can You Hear Crystals Too?

When I had started using Reiki as a first degree practitioner, I remember I had my husband on the massage table, in this very room here, and he was lying on his tummy because he had some back issues.

As I was doing energy healing on my husband, I got an image of a crystal that I had. It was probably only one of only three different crystals that I had lying around the house and I'd never used them before.

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Inner Guidance For  Homeschooling? 

So being able to hear messages that come through, energy fields of people, crystals and where they ned to be placed on a persons body, I also became very aware of my inner guidance and how to work it, how to use it to my benefit as scary as it was sometimes.

Some of the direction it was leading me in was mind boggling. But I've grown to trust it that much that I listen.

I remember that it was 2011 and our eldest daughter was about to go to high school in 2012. At the end of 2011, we went along to the parent teacher information night.

My Mum Died... But We Still Keep In Touch

My Mum passed away, or 'made her transition', in 2004. I remember the day that she left her body.

She was in hospital and we knew that she would go that night. And just leaving the hospital with my husband and the girls and saying bye to Mum, she was in between worlds at that time, but driving home . . .  it was . . . 

I felt Mum was in the mountains. This was down at Gatton if you know of the area that I'm in at all, you'll know that we're surrounded by some beautiful mountains, the plain lands, the farm lands. 




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