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"The Journey" will guide you toward positive mind strategies, keeping all aspects of life in balance, connection with spirit teams, chakra energy understanding, working with crystals,and hands-on energy healing for yourself and your loved ones including pets. I'm aiming to provide 52 emails over 52 weeks. In depth and completely free!

Come join me as I share what I used for myself to elevate my life from unhealthy thoughts and depression to positive mindset, spirit connections and energy healing.  

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#1  : Use this strategy  to easily stop negative thought patterns. We need these out of the way so we can receive intuitive messages that can come through later

#2  : Calming the mind to focus. This helps to heighten intuition before we begin energy healing. After all, you don't want to miss any messages that might come through from Source do you? ;) 

#3 : Calling Guides for energy work. Use the free printable "Calling" guide and the follow along video to get you quiet, calm and connected.

#4 : Laying foundations for the mind with the 20 second tweak to keep your mindset on track. Includes awareness techniques to follow along with and a downloadable fully guided mp3 audio so you can take it where ever you go

#5 : Learn how your inner guidance system works and how you can use it to completely direct all aspects of your  life 

#6 : Follow along with todays video to call your guides to you, hook up with Source and do energy healing on yourself 

#7 : Coming Soon . . . 

#....  : More are being added. I have all the content. It's just a matter of linking it all up :) Your patience is appreciated   xo

An enormous amount of my work is freely available on my web pages.  There are no ads. If you would like to support my mission of helping as many people as possible experience  positive mindset and energy healing, then please feel free to make a donation which will help to keep this website running, uninterrupted with no ads and free for all to use. Thank you so much in advance.



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