If you are not feeling well or have cold or flu symptoms, please do not book an in person appointment. Distant sessions are also available. Thank you for your understanding.
Reiki sessions are available one week each month. 

The next available time for Reiki and Crystal Healing is 8am - 7pm daily in

JULY - Monday 1st - Sunday 7th
AUGUST - Monday 5th - Sunday 11th
SEPTEMBER - Monday 9th - Sunday 15th

60 & 90 Minute Energy Healing Treatments in Gowrie Junction

90 Minute Relaxation Indulgence Package

This signature package is where Kelly combines energy healing, crystal work, sound therapy and reiki spiritual guidance into a unique blend. Your session begins with your choice of either an Ayurvedic Kansa Wand Facelift Massage or an Access Energetic Facelift Treatment.  If this is your first time you can learn more about these on the day of your session.  Jojoba oils are used with the Kansa facial. Please refrain from wearing any makeup if this will be your choice of treatment. 

This fabulous full front and back of body energy relaxation and spiritual empowerment treatment is tailored to your needs and combats tension, aches and pains and melts away the chaos of a busy mind. Very much a personalised treatment that promotes a feeling of peace and well-being.  

Chakra reading and balancing with any messages that come through is also written down and included for you. Receive a crystal to take home for continued healing.  90 minutes $150 (Save $20 when paying in cash) 



60 Minute Chakra Reading and Balance Session

Kelly reads your chakra energy, gives you the results of what your energy  is doing and then channels Reiki to each of your individual chakra centres. Your body soaks in as much as it needs at any given point in time bringing the body back into harmonious balance. 

Crystal grids are placed on and around you for crystal healing. Relax as you listen to the sound of medicine drum, koshi chimes of air, water, fire, earth, the rain stick, rattle, gourds and more. A sensational mix of healing, crystal vibes and soothing sounds.

If any messages come through from your energy field and spirit team, Kelly will make a note of these and guide you through these messages after the session. Receive a crystal to take home for continued healing. 60 minutes $120 (Save $20 when paying in cash) 



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