My High Vibe Money Den

How to Easily Clear Money Blocks & Align with the Receiving of Abundance

Learn my exact, repeatable mindset and energy techniques that keeps me
away from "lack of" and into aligning with positive money flow! Just $19!

What you'll learn inside the money den:


How to stop negative thoughts in their tracks

How to work with crystals for root chakra healing

How to use your intuitive energy for study, career and work

Work with universal energies & affirmations for your working path

Do a 20 second self-worth exercise that can shift your mindset each day

Shine a light on where old values, beliefs and thought patterns around money have come from, and release them

Ease lower back and lower body pain with a follow along distant reiki healing session

Work with simple Colour therapy

Bring clarity to the types of living situations that you'd prefer to be living  in

Create your perfect day with this guided meditation journey

Lift your vibrational energy around money so that you can align yourself WITH it, therefore attract more of it into your experience. Includes money games for alignment and allowing plus cash-in cash-out vibrational alignment exercise.

Line yourself up even more with the Letting Go and Allowing In - Meditation journey

Learn how to feel good about money and allow it into your life

Use grounding to feel secure and stable in your experience

Fine tune your energy with a guided meditation for money, work, living

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Todays price $19


Lack of money is one of the biggest blocks that hold people back from living a better life.

I know that it can feel overwhelming, frustrating, and uncomfortable to not have enough money. Not only that, it can feel difficult to align yourself with money consistently.

Also, being in the feeling of "lack of" can bring up a lot of emotional issues.

This High Vibe Money Den will help you overcome all these areas.

You'll be able to align with an abundance energy to consistently
bring you a steady flow of money when you use the techniques regularly.

Please note: Due to the digital nature of this product, we do not offer refunds.


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