Learn my easy methods to clear heavy heart energy around yourself and others
as you open your heart to love
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What you'll learn inside Heart Space:


How to stop negative thoughts in their tracks

How to work with crystals for heart chakra healing

Respect and love yourself more easily

Direct with love guided meditation journey

Learn to look at people from a softer point of view

Love yourself enough, nevermind what others think

Protect your heart by using this

Shifting depression

Radiating love energy to family and friends guided meditation journey

Ease chest, heart and middle back pain and reduce depressive symptoms

Colour therapy

Work with nature and thepower of gratitude

Understand how being at peace in your "Now" moment can shift worry and heaviness from the heart

Learn how to forgive past hurts and take steps to be able to see the bigger picture

Reiki for heart centre. Follow along healing session

See the good in everyone and everything

Body appreciation guided meditation journey

Moving through grief

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Unconditional love is love without conditions though many people put walls (conditions)up around their hearts . 

Love can hurt sometimes and self-love can often feel like a chore because we're too busy looking out for others instead of ourselves. Depression, grief, love and self-love all stem from our hearts and with so many heavy energertics at play, its understandable why some people have broken hearts.

Heart Space will help you heal your heart and make it gentle yet strong for yourself!

You'll be able to strengthen your love without conditions as you switch your perspective around other peoples agendas and open your heart to the beauty that surrounds you (self included) when you use the techniques regularly.

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