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Learn how to use Reiki so that you can release physical, mental and emotional pains that could be keeping you stuck, so you can feel great about your life and help others do the same! Comprehensive training, support, attunements and certification with lineage.

Amplify your Reiki with three powerful symbols that you can send back to the past to heal old traumas and forward to the future to create a life one would truly love to experience. Full training, support, attunement and certification with lineage. 


This final level of Usui Reiki brings in four new symbols. Allow Reiki to expand your awareness even further. Learn how to attune others to Reiki, turn your services into packages and learn how to build a Reiki business. Or just use these new symbols for yourself and your loved ones during healing. 

Want to build your spiritual home business but just don't know where to start? This course could be exactly what you're looking for. Get your business up and running with 5D marketing strategies, expand your products and packages as you serve from your highest self.


Access energy healing follow along videos, learn to check chakra energy with a pendulum, clearing and balancing techniques, connect with spirit team to do this work and general energy work for family, the house, pets, distant healing, mindset and more . Includes access to our private Facebook group for ongoing support.

A beginners class that will have you healing with crystals
and calming your mind with ease. Learn how to care for your crystals, align your energy with them, meditate with your crystals, work with crystals for healing, program your crystals, create crystal grids and more.

Everything Begins In The Mind 

 Mindset & Energy Around
Money, Job, Living

Looking at money, work and home as stressful situations can cause blocked energy flow in our bodies. This in turn, can bring about aches and pains in our hips, legs, knees, ankles and feet. It's all connected via root chakra energy. 

So how do we change this to stop these blocks from happening?

Mindset & Energy For
Relationships, Creativity, Feelings

With this chakra, its important to FEEL your feelings. Not being able to feel our emotions and feelings fully, can create blocks in our sacral chakra energy. This can impact on our creativity and relationships. This chakra also includes energies of isolation, infertility, inner conflict as it governs the sex and urinary organs, kidneys, circulation and reproductive organs. This course will help you to get all of that energy flowing with ease as you release blocks and strengthen relationships.


Mindset & Energy For Your Personal Power, Anxiety, Confidence, Acid Reflux &  More

This chakra is the home of your personal power, curiosity, humour  (or lack of).  Solar Plexus relates to our confidence, healthy self-esteem and being able to easily laugh at ourselves. On the other hand, it also relates to anxiety, diabetes, acid reflux, frustration, over working,being a "control freak". This course will help you to get all of that energy flowing in a healthy manner as you release blocks and build yourself up.

Mindset & Energy For Love, Self-Love, Gratitude, Grief, Depression &  More

This heart chakra is the home of conditional and unconditional love for self and for others. Its the place that holds compassion, gratitude, depression, grief, heart aches, walls of protection to stop from being hurt and it also holds love.  


Shift Mindset & Energy For Words That Need to be Said in the Nicest Possible Way

When we hold back words and are too scared to voice our opinons we're hurting ourselves. Words are energy and they need to flow in the nicest possible way. Dealing with words from angry people can sometimes feel so draining and dishing out angry words can draw back even more angry words. It's a viscious cycle. Words Are Energy will help you to say what needs to be said because your words are so very important!You'll be able to stand up for yourself, calmly say things that need to be said and express yourself clearly regardless of what others might think when you use the techniques regularly.

Shift Energy & Mindset For Intuition, Decisions, Mind Chatter, Inner Guidance

More and more people seem to be asking the question, why am I here? What is my life purpose? What am I meant to be doing?

When we are able to understand the gentle guidance that comes from within each and every one of us, the possibilities are endless. Synchronistic signs become like shining beacons that lead us from one path to the next. Never doubt your inner guidance. It will never lead you astray.


Learn About Your Higher Self, Step Out Of Mind & Connect With Higher Consciousness




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