Learn my easy methods to finally get those words out and to
calm angry words once and for all
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What you'll learn inside Words Are Energy:


How to stop negative thoughts in their tracks

How to work with crystals for throat chakra healing

How to say what needs to be said in the nicest possible way

Forgiveness through the chakras. A guided meditation journey

Worrying about what others might think? Try this . . .

Elevator pitches

Ease pain and discomfort in the throat, neck and upper shoulder area with a follow along Distant Reiki Healing Video Session

Use colour therapy to relieve throat energy

How to deal with intimidating people

Think before you speak

Tame angry words before they come out

A brain trick to stop angry thoughts that produce angry words

The relaxed version of you guided meditation journey

Use positive words to build yourself up

Words to water

Reiki for communication guided meditation journey

Communication with passed over loved ones (Includes words to flame & my personal experience with Dad)

The Burning Technique

The value of primal screams and a punching bag

Understanding stiff neck energy

Healing unwanted ancestral communication traits


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We often hold back words because we think they'll come out the wrong way or the person might take it the wrong way . . .
so we say nothing at all.

When we hold back words and are too scared to voice our opinons we're hurting ourselves. Words are energy and they need to flow in the nicest possible way. Dealing with words from angry people can sometimes feel so draining and dishing out angry words can draw back even more angry words.
It's a viscious cycle. 

Words Are Energy will help you to say what needs to be said because your words are so very important!

You'll be able to stand up for yourself, calmly say things that need to be said and express yourself clearly regardless of what others might think when you use the techniques regularly.

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