Ready to complete your final level of Usui Reiki Master Level and start (or add to) your Reiki business? 

If so, this retreat could be  for you. 

11th - 14th May 2023


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Refuel your body with self pampering techniques and gentle Tai Chi, calm your mind with fully guided meditations, connect with your Spirit Team and release any heaviness from your body and your life, get present amongst the great Bunya Pine and the abundant wildlife and make some new open minded and spirit flowing friends.  

24th - 27th August 2023 


Future date to be decided

Take a closer look into your personal world as you uncover energetic patterns that could have caused imbalances and even blocked energy within your body, mind and external realities.

Understand your energy around Money, job, career, living. Relationships, creativity, feelings, emotions. Personal Power, anxiety, confidence or lack of. Self-Love, depression, grief, self-put downs too. Communication or holding words in. Intuition, decision making skills. Higher Self Connection and more. . . And learn how you can change it all by checking, clearing and balancing chakra energy with your spirit team and crystals. 


This Retreat is still in the making.  Subscribe and receive an email of when this retreat becomes available.

A fun filled, heart warming, healing hands retreat to open your understanding of divine connections that can bring you a simple enlightened bliss.  

Working with crystals, chakras and crystal grids
Hydrosol aromas, uses and their benefits 
Dream Symbols, meanings and how you can work with them
Crystal bracelet making and their healing properties
Self Hypnosis, Tapping, Trance
Soap Making
And More . . . 




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