The Great Awakening - 2020

With all of the videos, links and images below, please do your own research and use your own discernment. I'm not sure if any of it is true but I choose to look at it this way . . .  If it is true, then we're in for some incredibly uplifting changing times. And if it's not true, well, it's one heck of a story being told from different people all around the planet ;) 


I recall several years ago when we were home educating our children, I made it a point for us to follow the ISS as I got the time it was meant to pass over our home 

We stood out the back of the house and saw it coming slowly across the sky. Absolutely amazing to watch . . . . as it passed over, we all ran through the house to come out the front door so we could continue watching . . . . and then we ALL saw something else 

The ISS continued on it's path but we got to see a dozen or so ships in the sky and they were moving around like little Galaxy Taxis. We all saw them and were completely fascinated  I love this stuff  #InMyElement  







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