Balloon Belly Breathing

60 Second Self Healing Tip


This is a breathing process. So take a deep breath in . . . and exhale (just warming up here) 

Next, take a deep breath in but imagining your belly filling up like a balloon when it's filled with air . . .

. . . and then exhale slowly . . . and then do that again

Breathe in - all the way - so your belly fills up as full as you can get it. Like blowing up a balloon. And when you exhale, your belly goes down like it's pushing all the air out really slowly, almost so your tummy touches the back of your spine.

This is a complete cleansing process and it's revitalising the cells in your body with the breath.

One more time - deep breath in, all the way as far as you can get it then exhale, slowly.

Try that. It's good stuff!

Until next time, take care of you,

With Love,
Kelly Flack xo






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