Voice of Self  Doubt


The inner voice of selfdoubt can find us withdrawing back into ourselves. Doubt can rear it's ugly head as it whispers

"but I'm not good enough"
"maybe I'm meant to suffer"
"life is just so hard"
"I'll never be able to _________" (fill in the blank)

This heavy down trodden energy can see us aimlessly making our way to the bedroom, curling up on the bed in a fetal position and sobbing to ourselves as we hug the pillow and play that old record in our mind entitled "oh poor me"

When this happens, take some time to nurture this "little you". We all have delicate parts of ourselves that show up from time to time. Give "little you" the comfort that she or he so seeks. Hug yourself, talk softly and say "it's okay to have a cry right now". Let it all out.

But never make a decision from a fetal position! 

After the cry has been done and the self-hugs have been had, it's then time for a pep talk.

Slowly sit up, slip into those "big girl or big boy pants" and stand up tall!

This is where things take a turn for the better! Recall that voice of self doubt and give it a serve of self empowerment instead! It's simply a part of you that rears it's ugly head from time to time and the more you take this next step, the quieter the doubtful voice will slowly become. :) 

Talk to it. Talk to doubt. Out loud.

"but I'm not good enough"

Now listen here doubt. That might have been the way before but right here, right now, this is where things begin to change!

"maybe I'm meant to suffer"

No way doubt! I've played that card and that game is so over right now! I'm meant to flourish! Do you hear me doubt? I'm about to flourish because I'm choosing to! So there!

"life is just so hard"

What a load of bullshit! Life is what I choose to make it and right now, I'm deciding that life is gonna be frikken awesome because I can choose that! 

"I'll never be able to ________"

Oh you just watch me! I've played your doubt record too many times and now I'm changing it! I am playing a new song for my mind to hear. I can be, do, have anything that I put my mind to. I am a strong powerful man/woman and my feelings matter! My thoughts count! I CAN and dammit - I AM! Bugger the rest of the world! I'm doing this for ME! 

and feel all of this wonderful self-empowerment pep talking, self-building, love nurturing big YOU! 

You are the boss of your life so take charge of it. Dare to feel happiness. Open up to love. Throw all that doubt out the window and embrace possibility instead. 

Get your Boss Pants on and rock your own world - because you bloody well can! 

WooHoooooo! #YouveGotThis ! 

.... and the voice of self doubt falls quiet ... and all is as it should be :-) 







We all experience the negative committee in one way or another. Just remember, you are stronger than that!

I want to know,  What are you like when you have your boss pants on? 



About Your Facilitator, Kelly Flack

Kelly Flack is a professional energy healing master, mindset coach and mentor.

As a wife and mother of two, Kelly's life changed when she hit rock bottom of depression. She was then guided to discover more about the human potential and she grabbed that chance with all she had.

Since then she has:

  • Created The Positive Mindset Momentum Method along with Energy Healing Programs and Life Enhancing Sessions
  • Held monthly Healing Gatherings in Toowoomba for local students to practise and build confidence in their energy healing abilities 
  • Built several online courses of meditation, mindset and energy for self healing and personal growth

Kelly specialises in helping people that have somehow become lost in life and feel stuck in todays society. She helps you to tune into your true nature as mindsets shift, energy amplifies and life comes back into a beautiful balance under a brand new and exciting perspective. 



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