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Money Den Extra Resources

If you have purchased the full online course that can accompany The Money Den Crystal Care Pack,
you will find ALL 18 of the course videos in there plus the free chakra course.
If not, here's where you will find a few extras to go with the book :)

See Page 6 of your Money Den book

How to use your intuitive energy for  study, career and work







See page 10 of your Money Den book

Our daughters guinea pig story

I hope this guinea pig story inspires you get clear on the types of living situations that you would like to be living in. 

Build the energy up as if it's already happened. 

See page 15 of your Money Den book

Cash In Cash Out Vibrational Alignment


The Money Den Online 18  Video Course 

Course Sections

  • From strategy to mindset and energy
  • Everything begins with a thought
  • Stop negative thoughts in their tracks
  • Work with crystals for root chakra healing
  • How to use your intuitive energy for study, career and work
  • Using affirmations or spells for your working path
  • A 20 second self-worth exercise that can shift your life
  • Shine a light on where old values, beliefs and thought patterns around money have come from, and release them
  • Ease lower back and lower body pain with a follow along distant reiki healing session
  • Colour therapy
  • Get clear on the types of living situations that you would like to be living in
  • Create your perfect day with this guided meditation journey
  • Lift your vibrational energy around money so that you can align yourself WITH it, therefore attract more of it into your experience. Includes money games for alignment and allowing plus cash-in cash-out vibrational alignment exercise.
  • Letting Go and Allowing In - Meditation journey
  • Learn how to feel good about money and allow it into your life
  • Use grounding to feel secure and stable in your experience
  • Guided meditation for money, work, living
  • A business offer for homebusiness people


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