Chakras Visualisation Technique

On this page, we play with the power of visualisation in Part 6 of your Chakra Info Series

I want you to use your mind, use your imagination, your intention and your energy on purpose.  Be still as you focus and be aware of any feelings that might physically present themselves, and see what happens for you. If you can get a tingling sensation (or any sensation) over a chakra area as you focus on it, that is very cool stuff indeed.


As you look at this image, take notice of how your energy centres are anchored in the mid -section of your physical body, and the energy swirls outward like a vortex in the front and the back.

We're going to do something with this image in a moment but let's take a look at some more useful images first.


When you look at the following images, allow your eyes to hover for at least 10 seconds on each picture. This will help you when we get to our visualisation technique very soon.



Now your mind has some ideas to play with for your visualisation technique.



The 2 Minute Visualisation Technique For Chakra Energy 

Using the picture on the left, work your way from the root to the crown as you focus on one chakra at a time.

Look at the red root chakra and use your mind to visualise it swirling. Take note of your own body as you play with this visualisation technique. “Feel” it because once again, energy flows where attention goes.

When you feel you have given enough time to your root chakra, move up to the sacral chakra and repeat the technique.


The Catch

Don't get caught up in your mind about if it's working or not. These kinds of doubts and thoughts are all an energy of their own and they create blocks in the flow of your focus. Get out of your mind and just allow the energy to do what it does - because it does. It's that simple! A connection is made and that's all it takes.

Remember, everything is energy and your energy always flows where your attention goes. Use the power of your mind to connect with your chakras. Set the intention that your chakra is spinning and that is that!

The more you practise this, the more you will begin to 'feel' the energy within your body moving as you focus on each chakra point. It really is a fascinating experience.

Allow yourself at least 2  minutes a day for chakra healing using this visualisation technique and take longer if you feel the need. Be aware in each moment and enjoy the sensations of using your energy on purpose :)

This is the end of Part 6 in the "Chakra Info Series


How did it go for you? Did you feel anything? 

Let us know in the comments below



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