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When you bring a new crystal into your home, cleanse it first and then take time to align with the energy of your new crystal friend.  For many years I did Reiki and crystal healing. I called the crystals a part of my team as we worked together. I understood my crystals, I felt into their energies and I also received messages from them.

Anyone can do this. Just make the  time to take a little time to spend with them each day.  This way, you're aligning your energy with that of your crystals. Another way to say this is that you're connecting with each other so you can work more effectively together. 

I invite you to take ten minutes now with your crystals to  do the following. 

Take a look at your crystals. Hold them. "Feel" them. Look into them. See their lines and indents, see them for who they really are. Hold each piece up to a light source. Are parts of them transparent? Do you notice different colours coming through from the light such as shimmers or rainbows or are they a completely solid colour?

Gently hold your crystals under soft running water (slow flowing tap will do) and imagine the water washing away all of the energies of those who might have harvested the stone, tumbled it, polished it or held it before it made its way to this point in time, right here and right now. Your crystal is being cleansed.

Doing this is also a great way to "wake up" crystals that may "feel tired" after being hidden away in a cupboard or out of sight, accidentally hidden behind books on a shelf. (Yes, I'm guilty of this)

Dry your crystals with a soft cloth. Next, spend some time with your crystals. Hold them in your hands and imagine a lovely purity around them. Send them your love. Ask that they be able to assist you on your journey - basically, talk to them :) Respect your crystals as they are beings in their own right.

During that small amount of time, you would have made a bond so take a little time each day to sit quietly with your crystal and ask for its help and guidance when ever you feel you might need it. 

Hold it in your hands .... you might be guided to place the crystal on a part of your body and if this happens, just go with it. Its all good xx

After working with your crystals for a while, you could begin to receive messages from them.  Have fun with them. They are incredible tools for calming ones energy field. Enjoy your little rocks of high vibe happiness :)

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