Distant Reiki Energy Healing

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 One to One Session

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Includes chakra check, chakra balancing, Reiki and crystal healing via distance
plus any messages that come through for you from your energy field or spirit team are also passed on to you.

How Does
Distance Energy Healing Work?

As a Reiki Master, I tune into Source Energy and my Spirit Team to help me with energy healing. This is the usual thing to do when we have a person in front of us on the table. We then proceed to do hands-on energy healing.

However, Distance Healing still works the same but we work directly with your energy body instead of your physical body. Your energy soaks in what it needs from Reiki  healing and your physical body reaps the rewards.

To accomplish this, I ask for some basic information from you eg: name, address etc. I then write these details on a piece of paper and put them on the healing  table. This information is where and who energy healing will be directed. This is simply information that Reiki Energy can pick up on so it knows exactly where and who to go to. 

A distant healing symbol is used along with other symbols and these help us to make the connection to your energy field stronger and more effective for healing to take place. Time and space are irrelevant when using the distant energy healing symbol. 

Crystals will be placed on the table for your energy to take in. Your body then takes whatever it might need energetically.   


 Book Your One to One Session in 3 Easy Steps

The information gathered here is for your reiki session so that Reiki Energy knows where and who to go to.
Please book your session, make payment and send me a message on Facebook. Thank you.

Step 1 : Book

Book A One to One Distant Reiki Session

Your session will be done within 3 days. The energy will be set to deliver as soon as you are in a relaxed state to receive it. For some people this could mean when your body is asleep.

By submitting this form, you agree that this distance session is for yourself. You understand that Reiki is an energy of Love that has an intelligence of its own and operates with your Higher Self. Kelly Flack is simply a channel for this healing energy to flow through. You also agree not to hold Kelly liable for anything that could come up for release as part of the clearing process.

Step 2 : Pay

 When you click "Buy Now" you will be able to choose
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Step 3 : Connect

Next,  Simply click here and send me a message on Facebook saying "I have booked a distance session" , and that way I will be able to reply to you with your chakra check results and any messages that could come through. 

Distance Reiki and Crystal healing includes a video of crystals that will be working on your energy with their names and which chakras they worked on. You will be able to see this on my Facebook business page after your session has ended.

In the one to one session, each one of your 7 main chakra centres is also checked and cleared of heavy energy and rebalanced energetically. You will be sent photos via Facebook messenger of your chakra check results, any messages/notes that come through PLUS recordings of my voice as I explain the messages/notes and your chakra check results  to you.  

What People  Are Saying

"Thank you so much Kelly! The distance  chakra check and information that came through for me made so much sense and was very relevant.  The chakra balance was wonderful.
When I relaxed (at our planned time) I actually felt warmth and heaviness in a lot of the places you mentioned in my body, especially my throat, head and heart, and my left shoulder. I also briefly got teary, and afterwards I’ve been feeling lighter and clearer. Thank you so much" - Meagan C. QLD, Australia
"Thank you Kelly, Your notes made every bit of sense to me.
I have a lot going on at the moment therefore found it was hard to actually completely relax at first, but as soon as I rolled over and really got comfy it was almost like I felt 10kgs lighter. I had a warm sensation up my neck and behind my shoulders at different times. This is the first session I have had.

Thank you Kelly! I do feel such a difference now I’m up, much lighter and I feel a sense of... clarity is the word that first comes to mind. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day " - Renee. QLD, Australia


"Thank you so so much for my distant chakra check and balance . The messages that you passed on all makes perfect sense to me and resonates exactly what I’m going through at the moment.
In regards to the ‘sad’. For days I have felt something building up and every time I think I’m going to cry, I just get angry instead. I'll work on letting the tears come. I found it hard to relax at first because I’ve had stomach pains and a headache but after a while they melted away and I fully relaxed
Thanks again - Sonja V, QLD, Australia "


"Hi Kelly. interesting stuff. Lots of the comments you made from my distant healing session, i understood exactly what it meant and a few made sense to me and I'll have to think on. My tummy always "gurgles" when I have any energy work done and it did so in this mornings session. I did feel more emotional after as you suggested I might. Except it was anger and frustration which surprised me. Thank you again." - Sarah B. QLD, Australia


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