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So How Does
Distance Energy Healing Work?


As a Reiki Master, I tune into Source Energy and my Spirit Team to help me with energy healing. This is the usual thing to do when we have a person in front of us on the table. We then proceed to do hands-on energy healing.

However, Distance Healing still works the same but we work directly with your energy body instead of your physical body. Your energy soaks in what it needs from Reikihealing and your physical body reaps the rewards.

To accomplish this, I ask for some basic information from you eg: name, address ect. I then write these details on a piece of paper and put them on the healing  table. This information is where and who energy healing will be directed. This is simply information that Source Energy can pick up on so it knows exactly where and who to go to.  The piece of paper gets torn up and thrown into the bin after the session is completed

I then tune into your energy field by using your details on the paper, and am guided to give healing where it is needed. A distant healing symbol is used along with other symbols and these help us to make the connection to your energy field stronger and more effective for healing to take place. Time and space are irrelevant when using the distant energy healing symbol. 

Crystals will be placed on the table for your energy to take in. Your body then takes whatever it might need energetically.   If I receive messages or information for you, I pass that on to you via email or Facebook Messenger after I have completed the session.


What People  Are Saying

"Thank you so much Kelly! The distance  chakra check and information that came through for me made so much sense and was very relevant. 🙏💜 The chakra balance was wonderful.
When I relaxed (at our planned time) I actually felt warmth and heaviness in a lot of the places you mentioned in my body, especially my throat, head and heart, and my left shoulder. I also briefly got teary, and afterwards I’ve been feeling lighter and clearer. Thank you so much" - Meagan C. QLD, Australia
"Thank you Kelly, Your notes made every bit of sense to me.
I have a lot going on at the moment therefore found it was hard to actually completely relax at first, but as soon as I rolled over and really got comfy it was almost like I felt 10kgs lighter. I had a warm sensation up my neck and behind my shoulders at different times. This is the first session I have had

Thank you Kelly! I do feel such a difference now I’m up, much lighter and I feel a sense of... clarity is the word that first comes to mind. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day " - Renee. QLD, Australia


"Thank you so so much for my distant chakra check and balance . The messages that you passed on all makes perfect sense to me and resonates exactly what I’m going through at the moment.
In regards to the ‘sad’. For days I have felt something building up and every time I think I’m going to cry, I just get angry instead. I'll work on letting the tears come. I found it hard to relax at first because I’ve had stomach pains and a headache but after a while they melted away and I fully relaxed
Thanks again - Sonja V, QLD, Australia "
"Hi Kelly. interesting stuff. Lots of the comments you made from my distant healing session, i understood exactly what it meant and a few made sense to me and I'll have to think on. My tummy always "gurgles" when I have any energy work done and it did so in this mornings session. I did feel more emotional after as you suggested I might. Except it was anger and frustration which surprised me. Thank you again." - Sarah B. QLD, Australia


What You Could Expect During A Chakra Balance



Distance Sessions Available From Only  $30

All pricing below is in Australian Dollars (AUD). Payments are made using the Paypal platform. You do not need Paypal to make payment. Credit and Debit cards are accepted on their platform too 

Distance Chakra Check - $30 

We’ve all been there. We’ve lacked enthusiasm, felt frustrated, disempowered and fatigued. We feel like we’re not living to our full potential and sometimes have no idea why.

The first step to improving your life is understanding what has to be fixed. But if you don’t know where to start, taking that first step can seem overwhelming. If this sounds like you, then a chakra check may be your answer. Please note: This is not a healing session.

Chakra checking examines your seven major chakras to see whether they may be out of balance, spinning or blocked. If your chakra flow is weak or stuck, this check will help you identify the issue. And once you know your problem, you can start to make the necessary changes to redirect yourself to a better life. Your Chakra Check Results Chart will be emailed to you on completion of the session along with this link that will help you to understand the energy of each chakra. 

Distance Reiki and Crystal Healing - $50

Distance Reiki and Crystal healing includes a photo of crystals that will be working on your energy with their names and which chakras they worked on. Does not include chakra check.

This picture will be sent to you on completion of the session along with any other messages that could come through. 

Distance Reiki and Crystal Healing Chakra Check and Balance - $67

This session includes everything from the $50 session PLUS a chakra check and I’ll provide you with your chakra check results on completion of the session.

Each one of your 7 main chakra centres is also cleared of heavy energy and rebalanced energetically. You will be sent photos via facebook messenger or emailof the crystals that worked on you, your chakra check results, any messages/notes that come through PLUS recordings of my voice as I explain the messages/notes to you. 


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Pay For Your Session

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Distance Chakra Check Session $30 AUD. Please click the button below to make payment. Thank you.

Reiki and Crystal Healing Distance Session $50 AUD. Please click the button below to make payment. Thank you.

Distance Reiki and Crystal Healing Chakra Check and Balance $67 AUD. Please click the button below to make payment. Thank you.


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About Your Facilitator, Kelly Flack

Kelly Flack is a professional energy healing master, mindset coach and mentor.

As a wife and mother of two, Kelly's life changed when she hit rock bottom of depression. She was then guided to discover more about the human potential and she grabbed that chance with all she had.

Since then she has:

  • Created Positive Mindset and Energy Healing Programs along with Life Enhancing Sessions
  • Held monthly Healing Gatherings in Toowoomba for local students to practise and build confidence in their energy healing abilities
  • Built several online courses of meditation, mindset and energy for self healing and personal growth

Kelly specialises in helping people that have somehow become lost in life and feel stuck in todays society. She helps you to tune into your true nature as mindsets shift, energy amplifies and life comes back into a beautiful balance under a brand new and exciting perspective. 


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