Stop Negative Thought

 Work your way down the page one step at a time. Don't skip anything. You've got this!

Watch the 2 minute video :  How Your Thought Affects Your Entire Life

Over the course of this day and the days that follow, become an observer of your thoughts.  

Be aware and you'll begin to see how your thoughts are actually affecting your chakras (aka your body's energy centres). Your chakras distribute energy to your physical, internal and external experiences - for example: your health, your relationships, your money and so much more!

Remember this 
- Thoughts are energy and this is a mindset and energy healing course. Take control of your thought energy, it's so important! 

Everything is energy and everything is connected

I really want you to grasp the understanding of the impact that your thought has on, not just your physical body, but your life reality as well. 

If thoughts can change molecules in water, and this has been documented - just imagine what our thoughts can do to us! 

Watch the 4 minute video : How Thoughts Can Change Reality (a must see)

The woman in the above short clip, her character in the story has many negative thoughts and because of this, the majority of her days run on a negative note. She received an unhappy phone call, she dropped her medication, she missed her train . . .

This is actually a movie called "What The Bleep Do We Know" and it depicts her daily life as she begins to understand how her thoughts are in fact creating her reality - and she gets to change it all! Brilliant movie that I thoroughly enjoyed so thought I'd mention it:) 

I hope you now have a better understanding of the power that your thought does hold.

Now watch the following 2 short exercise videos and choose the technique that best suits you.

Simply listen and relax as you follow along with my voice. 

Watch the 2 minute video :
Thought Awareness - The Park Bench Technique

Watch the 2 minute video :
Thought Awareness - The Cat and Mouse Technique

ealise that you and you alone, are in charge of your thought. It is thought mixed with feeling and emotion that is creating your life. Take charge of your mind and ultimately, your experience.  

Practise the following exercise. It will literally begin changing your life as soon as you start using it!

The next time you have a negative thought (and we all have them), be aware of it and use this following technique to cancel the negative thought energy.

Remember that everything is energy and energy flows where attention goes. Watch the next video and make it a new part of your daily life.

Watch this 2 minute video :
How To Cancel A Negative Thought and Why It's Important

Delete     Cancel     Remove     Erase     Ctrl/Alt/Delete

Have fun with this awareness technique and cancel, cancel, cancel every thought that will not benefit you!

Do this ALL day today, (and every day) and it will become a daily habit that will benefit you exponentially in your health, your relationships, your money, your self talk and your life in general! 

As I mentioned earlier, negative thoughts create negative emotions which turn into negative energy held in your body's energy centres/chakras and your chakras distribute energy to ALL areas of YOUR life! 

In other words, negative thought creates blocked chakra energy!

Imagine what POSITIVE thoughts can do! :) Wow! The Magnificence of You!

Enjoy being able to cancel any negative thought from this moment on!

Don't be impatient to get to the next lesson, just work on this lesson first. We're laying the foundations remember - so let's get it right! 

This is the beginning of the rest of your life - get excited because Change is Now!

Until next time, cancel, cancel, cancel and take care of you

With Love,
Kelly Flack xo


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