#13 Money Exercises

Lift your vibrational energy around money so that you can align yourself WITH it, therefore attract more of it into your experience.

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  • Exercise 1  :  Get to know your money

Take a look at your bank accounts. Become aware of what's going in and what's coming out. Don't let it "freak you out" - just become aware of it is all.

Money is an energy - not an enemy :-)

With credit cards nowadays, it's so easy just to put everything on the card with a swipe or a tap and its done! But meanwhile, you're not sure what's going in or coming out. It's time to get personal with your money. Give it some love :-) 

  • Exercise 2 :  Do the "envelope budget"

Get back to being "simple" and "old school" if you must.

Go through all of your bills, even if you pay them quarterly. Break them down  into weekly payments. For example, if you spend $400 a month on phone bill costs, that would = $100 a week. You with me?

Next, work out what you spend a week on food, electricity, water rates, phone, petrol, other habits, etc and break the amounts down into a weekly amount.

Make an envelope for each thing that needs paying with the weekly amount on it. 

For example, on one envelope you might write "Phone $100 per week"

Make sure you also include an envelope for "Holidays $x per week" and "Saving for ______ $x per week" even if it's only $5 per week - just do it.

When payday comes round, now this might scare you a bit but I'm gonna say it anyway - withdraw the money (OMG!) Yes, actually take it out of the bank and get cash - money - the stuff you can hold in your hands (not the plastic fantastic swiper but the real stuff)

Ask the bank clerk to break it down into what ever you need. You might need a few $5 notes for the holiday and saving envelopes - You might need some $20's for the water rates and some $50's for the food etc Make sure you know what you need before you go to the bank.

When you get home, spread your money through the envelope budget and when the bill comes up for an envelope, you have the funds to pay it :-) Yay! AND you KNOW what your money is doing :-) Extra Yay!

WARNING: If you have automatic direct debits that come out, please be aware of them. Don't make your bank balance bounce. Use common sense.

Give your money the respect and direction that it deserves. Energy flows where attention goes so get real with your WEALTHY thoughts around the money in your life. If you don't have any wealthy thoughts around money, make affirmations and a vision board specifically for this purpose to help you raise your energy around the beautiful, helpful energy of money!


Direct your energy on purpose, now rather than later - because later always comes too late.

  • Exercise 3 : The $100 Vibe

Use this strategy to raise your energy around money.

Carry $100 around with you in your wallet or purse. Whenever you see something that you like, say to yourself "Gee, I could buy that right now" .... and feel really good that you could ....

and then keep walking :-)

You might see something else that you like. Repeat the process and FEEL good. The more you feel good around money, you're lifting your vibrational energy to attract more money to you. Did you know that if you did The $100 Vibe Process 10 times in one day, you would have vibrationally spent $1,000? 

Feels good hey :-) The more you use it, the more you raise your energy with money. Have fun with it! 

Learn how to feel good about money and allow it into your life

Make sure you always have some cash in your wallet or purse at all times. When ever you open your wallet or purse and see the money, be grateful for it. Remember, money is an energy - not an enemy. Look at money as if its one of your best friends - maybe one you haven't seen for a while, but things are about to change.

Build a positive relationship up with the money in your life, and watch it grow with your loving energy.

Prosperity is a mindset. Think wealthy thoughts :-) Because you can! 

Here is one more money exercise that I'll share with you. It is an extremely powerful attractor tip (shared by a millionaire) so check it out as you discover How to Trigger Your Brain for Success Before You Get Out of Bed! (It works wonders!) 

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