Personalised Reiki Attunement

Hi there Energy Healer :) 

So you're making your way through Reiki Training with me on the Teachable Platform. Awesome! 

As mentioned, the course comes with a powerful built-in distance attunement process that you can receive when you are mentally and physically ready. However, if you would prefer a more personalised attunement process, you can choose to receive an in-person attunement with me, Kelly Flack via Zoom at an extra cost of $99 AUD. 

The only difference between an in-person attunement and the one that is in your course all ready for you, is that, I might be able to pick up some information from your energy field, any messages that might come through that are specific to you, and I pass these on to you during our attunement session.

Otherwise, the built-in distance atttunement process that is in the course, is just as powerful and it will get you attuned to the first, second and master degree levels of Reiki. May I suggest that you at least go through the built-in course process first.  



Personalised attunements are $99 AUD per degree. Please make sure you have filled out comments of experiences where asked on certain lectures BEFORE you book a personalised attunement.

To go ahead with booking a personalised attunement session, please fill in the following form. Kelly will be in touch with you to organise a day and time for your in-person attunement session. 

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