Reiki 1st Degree Training 

During the Reiki 1st Degree course you will learn how to treat yourself and others with Reiki. This is a class for beginners and is for everyone interested in learning how to work with Reiki Healing Energy.

You need no special knowledge or ability to start because you will receive all necessary information and training during the course.

This course will allow you to heighten your intuition, provide healing for family, friends, pets and self and it will   open you up to be a clear energy channel as you work closely with your Spirit Team.


During the Reiki 1st Degree Training: 

Reiki 1st Degree Training is for beginners. No experience is necessary as ALL training is provided on the day. You will be taken through :

Lesson 1 : Introduction to this course

Lesson 2 : Introduction to Reiki and the 1st Degree Attunement and receive the 4 attunements to 1st Degree Reiki

Lesson 3 : History of Reiki

Lesson 4 : Reiki Principles and Namaste

Lesson 5 : Chakras and Auras

Lesson 6 : Intuition and Meditation

Lesson 7 : Connect with Your Spirit Team. "The Calling" and meeting your individual Team members

Lesson 8 : Self Healing hand positions and a guided self treatment

Lesson 9 : Reiki For Pets and Wildlife

Lesson 10 : Reiki For Children. The importance of remaining emotionally detached while giving Reiki to loved ones

Lesson 11 : Reiki For Other Things and how to apply them

Lesson 12 : Preparing to Give a Reiki Treatment. Includes Checklist.

Lesson 13 : Treating Others Hand Positions. Guided session on a class mate. Becoming aware of energies. Cutting energy cords after session.

Lesson14 : Four Ways To Clear Yourself After Giving Healing To Another

Lesson 15 : Master Your Emotions

Lesson 16 : Energetic Meanings For Specific Body Parts

Lesson 17 : Reiki 1st Degree Certification

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PLUS you'll receive heavily discounted access to the online course 1st degree reiki training for when you get home so you can continue with your Reiki journey. (Usually $175 but for students, only $29) Learn even MORE from different Reiki stories that compliment the training day AND this gives you more time to integrate what you would have learned during the live event. Great to refer back to as a refresher course when ever you need it. 


Please bring lunch and afternoon tea for yourself. You'll have access to fridge and microwave. Tea, coffee and light refreshments are provided.

Location: Gowrie Junction (12 kms from Toowoomba CBD in QLD, Australia)
Time:  9am - 5pm

Course Investment: $320. Includes access to monthly Healing Gatherings for hands on practice and a $90 discount voucher for 2nd Degree* Returning students after a refresher live course is  half price

Pre-requisite: None

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Please Note : A $50 cancellation fee applies when your spot  is canceled within 2 weeks of the event and no one can fill it in time. 


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