Reiki Master  Degree Courses

The Reiki Master Course takes your Reiki development even deeper and further. This is the final step of the Reiki attunements as during Masters, you will learn how to attune others to Reiki as well.

You will also learn how to reattune yourself to Reiki energies and symbols for a top up when ever you feel the need. 

Becoming a Reiki Master does not mean that you are obliged to attune others but this is simply part of the Master class training. Looking at it  from another point of view, the more people that are attuned to Reiki, the more happier the planet could be :)

Reiki Master Degree Training has a teaching component to it so during your Master Class, you will be encouraged to share a few stories from your personal experiences in using 1st and 2nd Degree Reiki. 

Please be prepared to read aloud a few pages from the work manual when asked, and sharing experiences when asked.  You MUST have experience working with 1st and 2nd Degrees before applying for Master class.


The Reiki Master  Degree Training Includes: 

Lesson 1 : Introduction to Reiki Master Degree and Attunement

Lesson 2 : Becoming A Reiki Master

Lesson 3 : Attunement Experiences

Lesson 4 : Points to remember

Lesson 5 :Using and drawing the lightning bolt symbol - Raku

Lesson 6 :Using and drawing the balance symbol - Tam A Ra Sha

Lesson 7 : Using and drawing the non traditionalMaster Symbol - Dai Ko Mio

Lesson 8 : Using and drawing the Traditional Master Symbol - Dai Ko Myo

Lesson 9 : About Reiki Attunements

Lesson 10 : Preparing For the Reiki Attunement

Lesson 11 : Crown to Crown Reiki Attunement

Lesson 12 : Symbols Through Crown Reiki Attunement

Lesson 13 : Reiki Self Attunement

Lesson 14 : Distance Reiki Attunement

Lesson 15 : Reiki in Mainstream Media

Lesson 16 : Master Degree Certification

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PLUS you'll receive heavily discounted access to the online course master degree reiki training for when you get home so you can continue with your Reiki journey. (Usually $295 but for students, under $30) Learn even MORE from different Reiki stories that compliment the training day AND this gives you more time to integrate what you would have learned during the live event. Great to refer back to as a refresher course when ever you need it. 


Please bring lunch and afternoon tea for yourself. You'll have access to fridge and microwave. Tea, coffee and light refreshments are provided.

Location: Gowrie Junction (12 kms from Toowoomba CBD in QLD, Australia)
Time: 9am - 6pm

Course Investment: $360. or $300 with a discount voucher*Returning students after a refresher live course half price *

Pre-requisite: Reiki 1st & 2nd Degrees

 HOW TO PAY : Kelly will email through bank details to make your payment to when you fill out the Reiki Training Enquiry Form below



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PLEASE BE AWARE : Before going for your Master degree training, you MUST have experience in working with 1st and 2nd degree Reiki. You will be asked to share your 1st and 2nd degree Reiki experiences with the class. You will also help to "teach"the class by reading aloud from the reiki master manual. If you have not been practising Reiki, please work with your previous degrees first. Each degree will grow you in its own unique way so make the most of the experiences.

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