Reiki and Crystal Energy Healing - It's  Time For A Break


The Reiki & Crystal Healing Session

As you lay on the massage table, Kelly and the pendulum will check your bodys chakra centres. From here, Kelly will tune in to your energy field and make some suggestions of what would benefit your body mind spirit at this point in time.

Crystals are placed on and around the front of your body to help it get back to it's natural rhythm. Crystals align the body vibrationally and can ease mental and emotional stress as well as calming the mind.  Let go of the day as you allow all of your tension, pains and worries to melt away as Kelly applies Reiki which allows the body to utilize it's own natural healing abilities.

If many of your chakras are blocked, you may be in need of a chakra balance. Relax as any energetic blockages and imbalances are cleared and your bodys energy is recharged and balanced for you. 

Often we carry energetic patterns of past or present family members. You could benefit from a "stepping back" process which could also be done during this session. This could help you understand your patterns more and be more open to allowing them to dissolve and release.

If your mind is very busy during your session, Kelly could take you through a quick calming process which will help you slow your thoughts right down. 


Some people have ancestral lines that come through during reiki energy healing and some people have past lives showing themselves. If this is the case, Kelly will let you know after your session of any messages that come through. 

Your session ends with a 10 minute chat about what has taken place. You are also given practical suggestions to apply to your life which can help exponentially with continued healing for when you return home.

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Please give at least 24 hours notice.  If you prefer to pay cash on arrival, this payment method is also available.


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We’ve all been there. We’ve lacked enthusiasm, felt frustrated, disempowered and fatigued. We feel like we’re not living to our full potential and sometimes have no idea why.

The first step to improving your life is understanding what has to be fixed. But if you don’t know where to start, taking that first step can seem overwhelming. If this sounds like you, then chakra checking may be your answer.

Chakra checking examines your seven major chakras to see whether they may be out of balance, spinning or blocked. If your chakra flow is weak or stuck, this check  will help you identify the issue. And once you know your problem, you can start to make the necessary changes to redirect yourself to a better life. Free chakra checks are included in your session.

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