The Quarterly Clearing & Reset


With the powerful energy that we're all playing in at the moment, there are so many triggers and heavy energies coming to light for acknowledgement, releasing and healing.

Every day we cleanse our physical body in one way or another. However, it is also essential that we cleanse and clear our mental / emotional body and our spiritual body as well.

If you've ever felt the need to simply clear yourself of heavy energies that you've picked up from your environment, other people, ancestral traits and energies you've created yourself from negative thought patterns that can play on a loop, this Quarterly Clearing and Reset could help to ease your energy exponentially!

Getting your mind out of the chaos and into some calm is a practice so come join us to shed heavy energetic layers and get your mind energy focused on aligning with the things that you WANT to experience in life.

In this safe space filled with intention, compassion, non-judgement and love, allow yourself to release what no longer serves you as we continue our individual personal and spiritual growth journeys.

Leave the evening with a feeling of purpose, peacefulness and clarity from calming down the nervous system and reconnecting to your absolute awareness.

"I felt fantastic yesterday after the energy clearing group session Thankyou. I enjoyed all of it, but I think I had the most benefit from the last meditation where we spread our energy over the whole universe. Such an awesome thing to benefit from and I could listen to your voice forever ? I also loved the smudging. - Jodee" 

Benefits of The Quarterly Clearing & Reset

Journaling, reflection and Oracle Cards will play a part in the unraveling of ourselves to dive deeper into the energy that we absolutely are. Participants will gain the ability to

  • Become more aware of past energies and how to clear them and also redirect focus toward becoming in an energetic alignment to the things that you want to experience in life
  • Perform and receive  energy clearing techniques to help clear the past 3 months of energy
  • Set goals / intentions / challenges and manifestations for the following 3 months
  • Focus more and mind chatter less
  • Calm your  entire energy field and connect with spirit team to enhance intuition and the bodys natural ability to self heal
  • Release things that are no longer of benefit to you with fire ceremony 
  • Self soothe during rough times
  • Move energy in the body with Qi Gong and mindset
  • Take responsibility for the ever changing outcomes in life with ease
  • Improve all aspects of self as you move through any difficulties with purpose and get a taste of trying and forming new habits to create a new way of living / lifestyle

Cost and What To Bring

The Quarterly Clearing and Rest allows you to release heavy energy from your mind, body and spirit that you may have picked up or taken on over your life and past lives and more presently, the last 3 months. Take your time as you work through your own shadows in your own time to bring about self healing and self love. Recharge your vibrant energy field to calm your mind and focus your attention as you step back into the strength of who you absolutely are. 

Cost for each class is $35. (Sorry no eftpos) This includes a crystal to take home each time, so you can work with it's energy for ongoing ease.

Please bring your own water bottle, pen and journal to write in on the day.

Quarterly Booking Form

Which date would you like to book in for?

Many of our students reported great results after only two  classes of refuel body mind spirit. Many of these teachings are now part of Sacred Circle.

"People at work asked me what I have been doing as everything about me is changing for the better" - J

"I'm more aware of the way I walk now and I can move properly which has actually gotten rid of some of my hip pain" - M

"I find that I am a lot calmer around my teenage children. I can breathe and respond instead of  jump in and react." A


"I can't believe how much this has added to my life, I mean, my health is improving but my relationships are too! And it's only been 3 weeks. I'll keep coming back for more" - C 

If you are feeling unwell with cold or flu symptoms, please get well before attending any Clearing& Reset event.

Some of our energy clearing techniques are also included throughout the reset

What others are saying . . .

" Thank you so much for today Kelly. I feel so relaxed and very clear. Your energy is wonderful.  I’ve been feeling so relaxed since leaving your house. What a beautiful spot you have. Thank you for the energy clearing group session  - Cate "

"Hi Kelly
I left the Energy Clearing Group Session feeling really good and slept really well last night. I enjoyed the flow of the whole afternoon. I particularly enjoyed learning the scooping. I will commit to this each day. - Melinda"


"Hi Kelly
I enjoyed learning and experiencing new things in the energy clearing group, I was full of energy for the rest of the afternoon and night.❤ I even felt great today ? Thank you Savanna"

"Hi Kelly, I'd like to say thank you again for the Energy Clearing Group Session. I'm feeling really good today thank you. I enjoyed all of what we did. I felt a shift of some sort in all of them. By the end of the session I felt lighter, calmer and fresher - Christine "



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