Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi Classes are now only held during retreats. For more information please click here to view our retreats.

Each class begins with a gentle warm up which consists of a series of easy stretches. Kelly will then go through the full set of 19 moves over 6 days during retreats, every morning and every evening. Each class will go for 45 minutes.Simply follow along in every class as you expand your set to the full 19 moves. Do not push yourself during class. Tai Chi teaches your body how to move slowly and with ease. Listen to your body as everything about you slows right down. 

There are 19 movements to learn within this set. They are as follows: 

1. Commencement of Tai Chi
2. Open/Close
3. Wave Hands Like Clouds (x3 left)
4. Open/Close
5. Fair Lady Works The Shuttle (left & right)
6. Open/Close
7. Toe Kick (left & right)
8. Open/Close
9. Wave Hands Like Clouds (x3 right)
10. Open/Close
11. Wave Hands Like Clouds (x3 left)
12. Open/Close
13. Stroking Birds Tail (left)
14. Open/Close
15. Stroking Birds Tail (right)
16. Open/Close
17. Wave Hands Like Clouds (x3 right)
18. Open/Close
19. Closing Movement

Tai Chi Health Benefits: 

  • Is suitable for almost anyone
  • Relieves pain and improves quality of life for people with arthritis and medical conditions
  • Improves muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, balance and posture
  • Relieves stress, improves concentration and relaxation
  • Integrates body and mind
  • Socialise with new friends 


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