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January 25th 2020  - Saturday - The dodgy scales say I'm 93kg (Quite surprised, I thought I was 97kg so thats a great start) 

Blood Sugar Level 9.9 (Yikes! Must be due to the chocolate ice-cream and cake I devoured unconsciously as I vegged out watching last nights movie) BSL was taken before breakfast, as usual.

In 2018 I was diagnosed as being Type 2 Diabetic. I did everything the doctors and diabetic educator told me but just didn't like what they were suggesting. I researched keto, had a go and lost 10kg but I didn't make it my lifestyle. I got too scared of the high fat content and my doctor reminding me of heart attacks. OMG! If only they had something positive to say. Even though I didn't believe the doc, something still didn't sit quite right with me. 

I have been on keto since the beginning of this year (because it works) but I still feel something is missing. I have lost weight with keto before but I feel that I need to do something completely different. So here I am . . .

 . . . about to start with The Cinderella Solution where I am to use flavour pairing rituals that will help me to shed weight in a way like never before. (rolls eyes) 

But guess what the skeptical me has discovered today?

It's been one week and the scales are telling my that I've lost 4 kgs. 

February 1st  2020 - Saturday - 89kgs
Blood Sugar Level 
BSL was in the 7.4 range most of the week which was amazing!

I don't trust our scales though. I'll weigh in next week using something different I think and I'll keep track of it toward the end of this page.

The best thing I like about Carly is that she shares her own story, talks on the videos, writes the books and has used everything she teaches, on herself first! #Inspiration 


Here are a fewphotos of some of the foods I have been having for the first 2 weeks of Cinderella Solution. 




As you can see I'm certainly not starving myself :) Delicious food that keeps me full! BUT, Carly has taught me

  • WHAT to eat (certain carbs, fats, proteins ect)
  • WHEN to eat it (breakfast, lunch or dinner) 
  • WHY to eat certain foods at certain times 
  • HOW to flavour pair it to help me boost my metabolism and drop the weight! 

The bonus part is

  • My Blood Sugar Level is fixing itself 
  • I'm actually enjoying the food because I can have my carbs and eat it too (lol) 
  • I can eat sweets when I pair it with a certain other food which will stabilise my blood sugar


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