Reiki For Busy People

Let's face it, a lot of us have full time jobs. A lot of us have families and small children that we need to care for so how, as a reiki practitioner, do you find the time or make the time to put reiki in your life somewhere?

In the video below I'll explain 3 EASY WAYS to incorporate Reiki into your life by using only minutes a day! 

Questions About Reiki?

Whether  you're already a Reiki practitioner or are looking into learning Reiki as a beginner, feel free to ask any reiki questions.I'm happy to offer my perspective. 

Learn Reiki

Use Reiki to calm your mind and clear your body of blocked energy. Work on loved ones, children, pets, food, plants, the earth, personal and spiritual  development

Send Reiki back to tidy up your past and forward to empower your future. Your energy will be connected to distant, mental emotional and power symbols

Work with the Master Symbols, boost your energy with self attunements and be able to attune others to Reiki energy for their own personal / business use




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