Coconut Oil Hair


We talk a lot about healing for mindset, body and spiritual growth ...

But what about healing for hair and it's growth?

I've had the wisdom hairs coming in for a while now (aka grey hair growth) and I colour my wisdom growth every now and then as I'm not quite ready for the wise look just yet ;) 

Even as a teen I hit the dye hard (shakes head and rolls eyes upward) but hey, it's all part of my journey and I wouldn't change it for the world ....

This has left my hair getting it's Frizz on every now and then. When my daughters were younger they'd lovingly refer to my head as having "Mums Boofy Hair"

I remember going to school with a Rarotongan girl (my bestie) and she always smelt like coconut oil and always had amazing hair. Ha! Funny how these things come to mind ...

Anyway, in 2010 I was told about using coconut oil for your hair. 

I didn't listen. Come to think of it, I've never listened straight away. (must be the rebel in me)

And then in 2016, I got to the point where I had the frizziest hair everrrrr!

Wire-like, unhealthy, "a comb ain't going through that" kinda hair.

It certainly was "Mums Boofy Hair" BIG time! 

I began looking for things that could help my hair. I tried eggs, argan oil, hairdresser suggestions, energy healing ...

And they all did wonderful little bits and pieces for my hair ...

And then a friend mentioned coconut oil. Hmmm, those old familiar words. 

This time, I was ready to listen ;-) 



Here's How To Use It

1. Buy some virgin coconut oil from your local grocery store. I got mine from Woolworths.

2. In the Australian summer, it's ready to use straight away because it's already in liquid form. However, in winter, you're going to have to melt it.

If you know me already, you know I like to keep things simple. Don't get technical about your melting method. I just place the entire glass jar (remove the lid), into the microwave and nuke it for 20 seconds.  Too easy!

3. Use your youngest daughters favourite spoon to scoop the melted oil out of the bottle, and drip it onto your hair. (a mini payback method for the "Mums boofy hair" comments) Giggle.

4. Run your fingers through your hair all the way through the length to the tips. In other words, coat the lot!

Make sure you have an old top on so you won't freak out if it gets oil stains on it. (thought I'd better mention that - I remember that day! Sheeesh!) 

5. Leave the oil in for a good ten minutes.

6. Get in the shower and wash it out. Do your usual shampoo and condition if you like or just rinse and condition (Thats what I usually do because shampoo often removes all of the oil). What ever feels best to you at the time. :-)

I use this coconut oil treatment when ever I feel that my hair needs a bit of TLC. I should use it more often. I'd like to aim for once a month at least. 

Let us know how you go if you give it a try or if you're using it already. 

Take care of you, stay safe and remember . . .

It's all good

xox ~ Kelly



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