Your throat, neck, words, shoulders - It's all connected 


Throat Area Distant  Reiki & Crystal Healing Session

Often we carry energetic patterns of past or present family members. This could also include patterns of how people express themselves or hold words in. 

A sore throat can sometimes be caused by lack of communication or poor self expression. These could be words that have not come out yet and are brewing in anger, frustration or sadness or some form or another.

Perhaps words flew out of your mouth the other day and they weren't very nice. Angry or sarcastic words can often bring about even more to be angry at. It's all energy so it pays to learn how nice words can change everything. Every thing! 

A sore neck can be impacted by misused words and also by not being able to look at different perspectives. This is known as a stiff-necked point of view. When people think their way is the only way, this can cause one to look at life in tunnel vision, not seeing all other opportunities available to them. 


Throat and neck energy seeps out to across the top of the shoulders. This is all part of throat chakra energy. A weight of the world can live on shoulder tops when one does not ask for help (there's those words again) and thinks they need to take everything on all by themselves. 

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