Words Unspoken

When I hover my hands over a persons throat, sometimes my spirit team shows me "filing cabinets". These cabinets often contain words that have been filed away or even locked away for days, weeks, months, years or even decades gone by.

These are words that have gone left unsaid maybe because the timing wasn't quite right but more often than not, it's because the person didn't want to upset the other by what they had to say . . .  or maybe they thought their words would come out all wrong. . . .

So they just didn't say it at all.


You must begin to understand that words are energetic in vibration and words need to be spoken in the nicest possible way.

When I see words that have been locked away, I take my clients through an exercise that I call The Elevator Pitch. 

An elevator pitch is something that can be said when you get in at the ground floor of the elevator (so to speak), and it's been said before you hop out at the first floor. 

For an elevator pitch, think of one person that you have unspoken words with. Now, what you might want to say to them could seem like a novel. Break that novel down into 1 or 2 short sentences that are straight to the point. This way, there'll be no fumbling around with words when the time comes to say them. Write these 2 sentences down and practise them. This is prep time.

You might like to start your elevator pitch with a few deep breaths and then saying 

"It's not my intention to upset you, but there's something I need to say . . . followed by your elevator pitch"

At least this way, your words can make their way out of your throat chakra area, and be said in a way that's straight to the point. Words are then heard by your person and this is so important. Words are the beginning of  a potential  ripple effect that could spread outward to all in your ripple zone. (Friends, family ect) - The ones that need to hear them anyway. This is when an opportunity for growth can take place for all involved. Some will grow from it, some will not, and that's absolutely perfect.

When you are able to look at this as a game of sorts, it can actually become fun. You'll be saying things nicely, drop out of shyness, get things off your chest in an easy light hearted way, and say things that need to be said. 

Unspoken words are also energy. If they should be said but don't get said, this can become a blocked energy in your throat chakra and could cause pain in the throat, neck and across the tops of the shoulders. Same goes for words of anger, criticism and judgement, and words that can no longer be said to a person because  they have passed over. I'll write about those in other blogs.

For now, if you feel like you have words that have gone left unsaid, clear out those filing cabinets and have a go with The Elevator Pitch. Short, sweet and straight to the point and then see where the chips may fall. Ahh the game of life. 

Breathe. Speak calmly and nicely. Say your pitch and then walk away. You've got this. Go you good thing xo 








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