Easy 4 Minute Healing 

How often do you do healing on yourself? Yes I know, life can be hectic sometimes but I have an easy healing process for Reiki practitioners that you can do in bed every morning . . .  and it only takes 4 minutes.

Here it is:

Before getting out of bed to start your day,  

  • Tune in to your Spirit Team and turn your Reiki hands on
  • Hands over the eyes position for one minute
  • Hands over the ears position for one minute
  • Hands over the back of the head position for one minute
  • Hands on the crown position for one minute


I have found the best way to time this is to use Insight Timer. It's a free meditation app and you can set a gentle interval bell or gong to go off every minute for  4 minutes. I use the Kangse bell tone :)  You don't have to time it at all. Just go for however long you want. The head positions are the most important because after all, thats where everything that you think up about your life is created. 


Another bonus to using this app is that it tracks each day that you use the app for meditating/healing and lets you know that you've used the Insight Timer for X amount of consecutive days so it's an encouragement tool as well.  See image on left.

Anyway, this is what I have been doing and I find it helps me keep a calm mind and positive vibe throughout most of my days. Just taking that little piece of time for self is so very important. 


If you're not attuned to Reiki thats okay. If the above mentioned healing positions resonate with you, go for it. We're ALL energetic spiritual beings - no exceptions - so we may as work what we already are ;) 

And if you're the type of person that questions things like , ''am I doing this right?" or "what if I do it wrong?", well I've got you covered with a free course on how to do this kind of stuff for yourself. Check it out here. 

4 minutes a day. It will change your life xo 

With Love, 

How often do you use energy for self healing?



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