Our Daughter Left Home

It happened on a Monday in October. Our 18 year old had saved some money, arranged her new place to stay, resigned from her job, packed her car and just like that, she was off .

I was so happy for her and sad for me at the same time :( It was a 6 hour drive with her P plates on the car as she drove to another state to live with her boyfriend and his family. Lovely people. We all met on a cruise ship last year, but that's another story.

Of course she had to go, it's part of her journey and her path. Love had taken hold of her heart and from there, her next step.

So her long drive began and I was like - oh my god! "Call me when you stop for a break" - "You must stop for a break" - "remember to call me so we know where you are and how far you've got to go" - 

To some it would seem like I was nagging - but to me it was a form of love :) And thats all there is to it. (pokes tongue out)

Anyway, when she left, I got on the "Find My Friends" App. My husband, youngest daughter and I all popped up on the map but our eldest's icon kept saying "location unavailable"

Quietly freaking out, a gazillion thoughts sparked up the neurons of my brain as my mind hitched a free ride on that runaway train of thought.


That was certainly the word of the day. "Cancel". Every horrible thought "cancel" that could be thought about "cancel" popped in there somehow "cancel" 

Far out! 

One hour passed. Two hours passed. Frikken three hours passed! I was doing my head in - it was ALL me . . . . and then she called :)


Of course she called. All was fine and well and good. She was half way and happy.

"Cancel" sure came in handy for those first 3 hours, even as repetitious as it was but  that's one of the only things that kept me sane - along with my hubby and youngest daughter of course. We all went swimming just to keep busy for a few more hours as our daughter continued the remaining 3 hour stretch. 





I HAD to get out of the house and DO something that would help me to focus my mind on the present moment instead of going off on a random thought drifting tangent.

A wonderful swim on a gorgeous sunny day and 3 hours later she called from her destination. Yay! Touchdown! #HappyDance 

I had distracted my mind successfully. Way to go me :) 

But you know what?

All of that worrying in the beginning, did nothing positive for me at all. I got my stomach all churned up, spilled a few tears, sped up that thought train a few times and for what?

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero.

In all seriousness, worrying is a huge waste of time. It drains your energy, sucks the present moment well away from you and can drive you up the bloody wall.

If your mind ever gets stuck on negatives, take charge, change what you're doing and re-align to focus on something completely different :) 

I am calm now. I choose to focus on the happy things for my daughter. Sure I miss her, but I'm happy for her too :) And besides, worrying is using the imagination to create something we don't want. God knows I've done enough of that in my younger years.

Just remember, if you find yourself deep in a whirlwind of worry - go for a swim or just do something else that you can focus on instead.

I choose to live as much as possible, with my happy pants on ;)

Your thoughts are your choice!

You can dwell on them OR change their direction :) It's all up to each and every one of us. Think well xo






have you had a child leave home? 
What was your experience?


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