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60 Second Self Healing Tips

These 60 second video tips are appropriate for adults and children. Many people are using them as self improvement and natural healing  tools. Get your flatmates or  family in on the tips so the entire household can reap the rewards of positive action. 60 seconds! Sometimes that's all it takes.  


May these real life stories touch your mind and your heart as you read about some beautiful experiences as seen through the eyes of an animals spirit during energy healing 


Chakra Info Series (Mini Course)

Understanding chakras couldn't get any easier. When we come to understand our chakra energies, we can also begin to realise

  • why we might have certain pains in our physical body
  • how difficult relationships with our partners and people in general are formed
  • we could even understand why we might have a lack of financial support and could always seem to be struggling to make ends meet when it comes to money.


Learn more about how to work with your chakra energy to increase health benefits, clear your mind, build strength and confidence  in body and happiness of life  


I'm taking this very slowly and there could be long breaks in between but I simply had to have a go at channelling to see what I could "see"


Clear Your Home Of Heavy Energies

A You tube video playlist of several different ways that you can easily clear your home of heavy energy.


Learn how different crystals can work for you, programming suggestions and what chakra it will work with best


An incredible documentary about how we can heal ourselves using simple grounding methods


Our Home Education Journey is a free email series as I share our ups and downs, resources that we found helpful, what worked for us and what didn't. Subscribers to this series will receive awesome subscriber bonuses that only subscribers get! Come along and have a laugh (and a cry) with us.


Every meditation is designed to give you a transformation as it  provides relaxation and healing


A collection of poetry written over the years, inspired by heart and spurred on by spirit. In-joy xo

With Love


You might want to make a cuppa for this. Read articles of many things that I have seen and experienced while giving energy healing to people hands on and via distant healing. Wow! Such a humbling experience.


Talking After Life

Talking After Life is a video series about Kelly's personal experiences with beloved pets and family members that she has had the humbling privilege to continue to communicate with after they have passed over. 


work life balance for practitioners

Bring the busy-ness of your practitioner life into balance with your family and self time by following the simple steps in this free print out guide




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