My Mum Died, But We Still Talk 


My Mum passed away, or 'made her transition', in 2004. I remember the day that she left her body.

She was in hospital and we knew that she would go that night. And just leaving the hospital with my husband and the girls and saying bye to Mum, she was in between worlds at that time, but driving home . . .  it was . . . 

I felt Mum was in the mountains. This was down at Gatton if you know of the area that I'm in at all, you'll know that we're surrounded by some beautiful mountains, the plain lands, the farm lands. 

The Essence of Mum was everywhere. It was beautiful. I still feel it now.

She was in all of the mountains. She wasn't contained in her body anymore. She was breaking free and it was amazing to be able to feel that.

Anyway, she did leave that night and, sure you get sad - of course - you know, a parent has gone . . . but . . .

Understanding energy the way that I have over the years, and Mum came back, pretty much. We've had conversations.

She comes through to help me do some work. Especially when I was learning about energy, Mum was there and she was helping to guide me every step of the way, giving me those nudges to "keep going, keep going"

Now I notice that when ever I work on our children, Mum comes through. She's the first one there in a heartbeat. She's right up there. 

So with  certain family members, Mum comes through. When some family members have passed over, Mum has also come through and she's giving them the tour. 

Yep, there's a tour. I'll explain that in another series.

But just because people are physically gone, spiritually - they are very much alive.

And being able to communicate and talk, and get guidance, and ask questions, and get answers, it's amazing. It really is incredible.

This journey is continuing for me. It's an ongoing thing - of course it is. We are all a work in progress.

What ever it is you choose in life, dive into it whole heartedly. Embrace it. Learn about it. Get curious.

  • Discover and work with the power of your mind to get you up and out of anything that doesn't feel good
  • Listen to the inner guidance that you completely have access to and
  • Be aware of the energy that you are

You are a spiritual being having fun in a human experience so play with that.

Enjoy everything that life brings your way.

Take care of you, stay safe and remember . . .

It's all good

xox ~ Kelly







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Kelly Flack is a professional energy healing master, mindset coach and mentor.As a wife and mother of two, Kelly's life changed when she hit rock bottom of depression. She was then guided to discover more about the human potential and she grabbed that chance with all she had.

Since then she has:

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