Tapping For Optimal Health

I first discovered Brad Yates several years ago. He's a guy that popped up as a video on my Youtube channel and I was wondering what he was doing by tapping different parts of his face. 

EFT = Emotional Freedom Technique is tapping the ends of meridian points. Also known as psychological acupressure that helps to move energy.

You know me. I'm all about energy, so I had to have a go. 

Long story short, I did a little bit of tapping for myself as I followed along with people tapping on Youtube videos. Brad Yates is always my go to.

I have now made it part of my daily routine (or at least 3x a week) to tap along with Brad in this 10 minute session called Tapping For Optimal Health. 

I remember, after 3 days of following this, I felt some wonderful changes within myself. More energy, legs and hip joints felt freer, just some little things that I noticed for myself, so I keep on using this one. 

The video is below so have a go if you want to, and see what happens for your optimal health :) Enjoy xo






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