The Crown Table

My Spirit Team shows me a round table - I like to call it "The Crown Table" - as this is  usually shown when I place my hands over the crown chakra area at the very top of a persons head.

Unlike Merlins round table, I am shown the Crown Table in a white room. It seats up to 10 people and usually has vacant seats. Some spirit team members sit at the table ever so patiently waiting for their person (my client) to come join them in discussions about their life.


The spirit team members vary with each person. Some consist of Archangels and Guides. Often there will be Star Brothers and Sisters there (eg: Pleiadiens, Sirians, ETs ect)  and sometimes passed over loved ones that have now become part of spirit team. Angelic and Elemental Realm beings will occasionally appear at the table too along with pets that have made their way beyond the Rainbow Bridge and now come through to help.

Sometimes I'm shown my client as they stand far away from the Crown Table. They are unaware that this "table" exists and often fumble through life, not able to make clear decisions and unsure of if life is good, or not. This often shows up as  a blocked energy in the crown chakra. 

Occasionally I'm shown my client as they order other team members around (the ones that are not yet at the table). These people often like to organise or take control of situations in their life experience.  Meanwhile, while the person is ordering other team members to do this, move that ect . . . . .  The main Spirit Team patiently sits, ever so quietly at the Crown Table :) No judgement. Just waiting quietly. 

And then there are the people that have made their  way to the table. They stand nearby or at a chair - not yet sitting - but slowly getting to know their higher vibrational team members. In life, this could look like the person beginning to understand their intuition, the way their body feels, the importance of word energy and the fact that they are indeed, spirit playing through physical form.

And yes, some people are even sitting with their team. Even though it's a round table, sometimes it can feel like the person is at the head of the discussion. This is where they talk with their spirit team members as they plan the following steps or directions to take. They work together, open minded, talking of all possibilities that could come from a specific action or step. I see these people change in their physical experience so peacefully, so intentionally and ever so gracefully. They have The Knowing that they can and are in control of what they are seeing or manifesting in their reality (or illusion if you'd rather call it that) ;) 

This is humbling for me to see especially as I've been witness to some regular clients that have started far away from the table . . . .  and today, they sit in discussions with their teams. It really is such a beautiful process of merging with Who You Really Are xo Spirit :) 









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