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Inner Work Workshops

Inner Guidance  Extra Resources

If you have purchased the full online course that can accompany The Inner Guidance Crystal Care Pack,
you will find ALL 25 of the course videos in there plus the free chakra course.
If not, here's where you will find a few extras to go with the book :)


See page 5 of your Inner Guidance book

A Breathing Anchor for Your Wandering Mind


Keep on bringing your mind back to my voice in this mindfulness practice as we anchor your attention and focus to the present moment of the body, posture and breath. Dissolves anxiety, decreases stress and allows the body to heal in a relaxed state. 

See page 5 of your Inner Guidance book

See page 6 of your Inner Guidance book

Calling Back Scattered Energy

See page 7 of your Inner Guidance book

Thought Awareness, Allowing and Letting Go 

A Perfect Day Guided Journey


The Inner Guidance 25  Video Online Course 

Course Sections

  • From strategy to mindset and energy
  • Everything begins with a thought
  • Stop negative thoughts in their tracks
  • Work with crystals for third eye chakra clearing
  • Present moment practice
  • A breathing anchor for your wandering mind
  • Calling back scattered energy
  • Body wants sleep but mind doesn't? Try this and calm the mind to sleep
  • Muscle relaxation for a great nights sleep
  • Thought awareness allowing and letting go guided journey
  • A perfect day guided journey
  • Stone statue meditation practice
  • Trouble making decisions? Try these
  • Journalling and dreams
  • Understand your inner guidance and follow it without a doubt
  • How we used inner guidance to homeschool (a personal story)
  • Calm the mind and listen to your inner voice
  • Trust your intuition and work with it to benefit you
  • The relaxed version of you Guided journey
  • Ease headaches, ear aches, nightmares and eye strain with a follow along Distant Reiki Healing Video Session
  • Colour therapy to relieve third eye energy
  • Different ways to open third eye chakra
  • Reiki for mind and thoughts Guided journey meditation


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