Chakra Check

How To Read your Results


After Your Chakra Check You Will Be Able To:


  • See what each Chakra relates to
  • Understand how these energy centres can affect your relationships, finances and health
  • Get an idea of what you could expect in your external world when your Chakra is flowing/spinning freely
  • Discover how you could be causing your Chakras to be imbalanced 
  • See what you could expect in your external reality when a Chakra is blocked
  • Learn about some internal physical symptoms that you could be experiencing due to a blocked Chakra

So you've had your Chakras checked by Kelly and you will now have a picture in your hands that looks something like this

Your chart could have ticks, dots, ovals and lines on it. Here's what it means

  • A Tick = Spinning Freely (pendulum made a nice circle)
  • A Dot = Blocked (pendulum didn't move) 
  • A line or oval shape = Imbalance (pendulum swung sideways or didn't quite make a perfect circle)


Now Take Some Time To Compare Your Mini Chakra Chart Results With The Details Listed Here

Please note: you will be taken back to our other website to access the chakra check menu. 



Questions About Your Chakras?

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