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The Root Chakra

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  • LOCATED at the base of the spine

  • RELATES TO security and survival - eg: money, job, shelter - our most basic survival needs, our sense of belonging and our connection to Earth (Grounding)

  • WHEN BALANCED we feel secure in our jobs, the roof over our heads, finances, basic needs are met and we are self- confident in many things that we do

  • IMBALANCES can be caused by experiencing some kind of trauma, abuse or abandonment, child hood or societal conditioning and not being able to learn and grow from it, therefore, seeing the world from a fear based and worrisome point of view.

  • WHEN BLOCKED we can find ourselves worrying about finances, jobs and our living situation, have a low self-esteem and often find it difficult living in this reality.

  • BLOCKAGES COULD CAUSE high stress with back pains or dis-eases found in the hips,legs and feet.

  • ASSOCIATED WITH the adrenal glands. Each person has two adrenal glands, one sits on top of each kidney. Adrenal glands produce hormones which act as ‘chemical messengers’. These hormones travel in the bloodstream and act on various body tissues to enable them to function correctly and helps with our fight or flight responses

  • GOVERNS the lower spine, kidneys and lymphatic system. The lymphatic system makes and moves lymph (clear fluid containing white blood cells) from tissues to the bloodstream.



The Sacral Chakra

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  • LOCATED below the belly button

  • RELATES TO our physical and material desires - creativity, procreation, feelings and emotions.

  • WHEN BALANCED we can unleash our creative genius very easily and experience healthy sexual relations with a loving, compatible partner.

  • IMBALANCES can be caused by the experience of abuse, whether it be sexual, emotional or physical, either in this lifetime or past lives. Imbalances can also be caused by neglect, manipulation and by self -serving emotions such as guilt, self- judgement, putting down oneself or by child hood or societal conditioning.

  • WHEN BLOCKED we may experience guilt and pain about relationships and a lack of creativity and sociability

  • BLOCKAGES COULD CAUSE infertility, menstrual pains,inner conflict, sexual problems, instability, sense of isolation.

  • ASSOCIATED WITH the gonads, also known as ‘sex glands’ which are the testis in males and the ovaries in females

  • GOVERNS your sex and urinary organs, kidneys and the circulation and reproductive systems.



The Solar Plexus Chakra

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  • LOCATED above the belly button

  • RELATES TO our power and control - Personal Power, humour, curiosity and awareness.

  • WHEN BALANCED we have healthy self – esteem and confidence, can easily laugh at ourselves and go with the flow of life as we know exactly who we are.

  • IMBALANCES can be caused by repressed emotions, working too much (workaholic) or being a ‘control freak’ who never slows down. Overly competitive with a fear of being ‘left behind’

  • WHEN BLOCKED we can feel powerless, anxious and frustrated and often feel like a victim in the world.

  • BLOCKAGES COULD CAUSE indigestion, diabetes, panic attacks, ulcers, acid reflux and stomach problems.

  • ASSOCIATED WITH the pancreas. The pancreas produces the body's supply of insulin to control blood sugar levels and produces digestive enzymes that help break down foods.

  • GOVERNS the stomach, liver, gall bladder, spleen, muscles, digestion



The Heart Chakra

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  • LOCATED near the centre of the breastbone, centre of chest

  • RELATES TO love - balance, love of others and Self, compassion, forgiveness, commitment and relationships.

  • WHEN BALANCED we can see the good in everything, love without condition and express compassion and forgiveness easily

  • IMBALANCES can be caused by a painful love experience which could stop us from opening up in case we get hurt again. Or it could be due to a misunderstanding of love. For example if we have learned to give love only with the hopes of gaining popularity or control of a situation.

  • WHEN BLOCKED we could sabotage relationships, fear rejection, distrust others and experience loneliness

  • BLOCKAGES COULD CAUSE immune system or heart problems including depression

  • ASSOCIATED WITH the thymus. The Thymus Gland is part of the immune system. It creates what are called T-cells that help to keep the immune system active and operating smoothly.

  • GOVERNS the heart, blood, circulation, immune systems



The Throat Chakra

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  • LOCATED in the throat/neck region

  • RELATES TO communication and self-expression regardless of what others may think.

  • WHEN BALANCED we can comfortably and openly express our dreams and find it easy to communicate anything we might like to talk about

  • IMBALANCES can be caused by gossiping, spreading hatred and criticism, holding back by not saying what needs to be said. Putting down another with sarcasm or angry words or not expressing our owns truths, ultimately only harms ourselves

  • WHEN BLOCKED we can feel like nobody cares about our opinions and often shy away from self - expression due to worrying about what others may think

  • BLOCKAGES COULD CAUSE mouth, throat, thyroid, neck and upper shoulder problems

  • ASSOCIATED WITH the thyroid. The role of the thyroid is to stimulate metabolism and along with the parathyroid glands ( beside or near thyroid), controls the body’s circulating calcium levels.

  • GOVERNS the bronchial, vocals, metabolism, lungs, growth, hearing



The Third Eye Chakra

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  • LOCATED in the centre of the forehead just above the brow line

  • RELATES TO intuition - tuition from within

  • WHEN BALANCED we can comfortably follow our inner Guidance and often have a strong sense of “Knowing” and clarity in everything that we do.

  • IMBALANCES could be caused by personal pain, grief or sometimes we could use manipulation in order to get what we want. These manipulations could be done on ‘automatic pilot’ so we need to become more aware of this imbalance that we are creating for ourselves. Also doubting those inner nudges could cause an imbalance of chakra energy

  • WHEN BLOCKED we can have a sense of self-doubt and feel helpless or lost when faced with decisions.

  • BLOCKAGES COULD CAUSE one to suffer from nightmares and headaches, poor eyesight and lack of concentration.

  • ASSOCIATED WITH the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is often called the master gland because it helps to control a wide variety of the body's functions.

  • GOVERNS the limbic brain, left eye, ears, nose, nervous system, intuition



The Crown Chakra

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  • LOCATED at the top of the head

  • RELATES TO spiritual wisdom - our higher consciousness and awareness

  • WHEN BALANCED we have a greater understanding of Who-We-Really-Are and our connection with Source/Universe/God.

  • IMBALANCES could be caused by being made to not question anything in life and therefore, to not be able to think for oneself and simply fall back on what society tells us or what we have been told to believe from childhood.

  • WHEN BLOCKED we could feel disconnected from the flow of life, confusion, and the days could seem meaningless and lonely.

  • BLOCKAGES COULD CAUSE migraines, depression and tension headaches.

  • ASSOCIATED WITH the pineal gland. The pineal gland secretes melatonin and releases more in the dark and less in the light. Melatonin is a hormone that helps you fall asleep

  • GOVERNS the cortex brain, right eye




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