Chakras and Colour

Let's play!

First, take a moment now to think about the colours that you love, and notice which chakras they support. Pay attention to the aspects of life that correspond with these chakras.

Next, think of a colour that you radically dislike. The colours you don’t like tend to correspond with a part of your life that needs some attention. Find a version of that colour that you can live with, and put it in your life somewhere.

Play around with these ideas and experiment. 


If you have worries around money, which relates to the root chakra, start using a RED wallet or purse and be aware of the colour as it ‘recharges’ that area of your life.


Lacking sex dive? Try using orange sheets in the bedroom to help that sacral chakra regain its balance.


When we feel powerless and anxious, use the colour yellow around the solar plexus area. This could be a nice shirt, blouse or top of some kind. 

If you don't own a yellow top, simply place a yellow towel or tea towel around your solar plexus area when you chill out with a movie later on.


Need to be nicer to yourself? Wear a green top or sleep in green pyjamas. 

Quite often we can be hard on ourselves so even taking the time to lie on the green grass would be very beneficial.


If you manifest a lot of sore throat issues, try dressing up your wardrobe by wearing a blue scarf or tie.


Prone to headaches? Have a go at sleeping on an indigo pillow case. You could even place an amethyst crystal under the pillow as well to help with peace of mind and a good nights sleep.


Feeling a little confused or disconnected from life? Try a violet  cap, hat or beanie.


If you're in need of charging a chakra but you don’t like the colour, think of bras, singlets, undies and socks! The colours don’t have to be seen by the public. This is YOUR journey! Your choice! Play around with the colours in your life and enjoy the possibilities.

Have fun with the energy that you absolutely are! 

This is the end of Part 5 in the "Chakra Info Series" 


What's Your Favourite Colour?

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