Channelling Bethlee - 1st October 2020

Today I called in the alien female energy that I encountered last night.

You can call me Bethlee. 

I am here to assist your planet during this ascension time. 

Me: You feel like a mother energy

Yes I am but I am not a Mother as your human earth mothers are. Our new ones are raised by the community as a whole. New ones are not planned or born as humans are born.

Me: What are the patterns on your face?

You call them patterns, they are signals. They have the ability to light up when needed as a form of transmission when needed. 


Me: How did you get them?

They appear on some of us as we grow. We each have our own purpose to fulfill. As do you humans. 

Me: Where are you from?

Aceleyon. Is a star many light years away. Our ship is docked in your hemisphere. We are millions strong and are here to guide and assist when needed. For now we wait as we help to raise the vibration of Mother Gaia and all who reside on her at this time. 

Some of my signals represent Mother Earth (leaf shapes) and these will light up in time to assist in nature help. 

Me: May I have a hug?

She did not hug me but instead, emanated a pulse from her chest/heart and I felt it like ripples or waves of energy pulsing over me. In this cocoon pulse, Bethlee was showing me symbols. It felt like some of her passion was to teach. 

One symbol looked like a square cube with a twirly twig at the top right of the cube. There were other symbols too but I couldn't comprehend them. 

Frustration kicked in as I wanted to learn more, NOW, so I decided to sign off and said goodbye for now. She swept away like a mist.

I sit here thinking, what have I got myself into? Is this doubt now? Is this my ego stepping in saying that I made this all up? This is only my 2nd time practising channelling and oh my god . . . . .  where will this lead I wonder? 

I will keep on practising as often as I can. I have decided to call in only one at a time from the 4 I met last night. Perhaps this way, I can get to know them and their energy and their story a little better. 

Unchartered territory for me. So much to learn. 

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