Channelling Samoan Man  - 22nd October 2020

This morning I was feeling a little flat and I felt an inner nudge to have a go at channeling again. After the last channel with those jolts going through my body, I think I held off for a while because of it . . .  and here I am again, having another go. Here's what happened.

I saw a very tall man. He feels like unconditional love. I feel like crying. It's overwhelming. His energy is coming in through the left of my head, above my left eye.

Me: Can I have help trying to understand what's happening please?

A Samoan man came in. Moustache. Afro hair. 

Man: What is happening is the tides are changing. (long pause)
           What is happening is that the moon and the sun will change their dance
           Some are meant to be here. Some are not.
           And as we all go through this,  change together, vibrations will be lifted. Don't fight it.             Keep on releasing any heaviness in every moment when you feel it.


Me: How?

Man: Feel the emotion. Let it go. There are many here, waiting for you all. We are here to assist.
          The more people that call on us, the more we can help.

Me: Who are you?

Man: We are Sirian One. There are many others. Just call as you did. And someone will come through to assist.

Me: Assist with what?

Man: Assist with helping one to understand what is taking place.
          Assist to help with one to step more into love and away from fear and understand it.
          To assist one to take that leap of faith into higher realms of bliss, positivity, light and love.
          To assist one to be able to let go of things that they might be holding onto that are no longer benefitting them.
          To assist in cleaning cords, tidying up energies; helping people to be able to do this for themselves.
          To assist in spreading love to every cell in your body, to the physical-ness of you, to vibrate higher.
         Can you feel this? 

Me: Yes. I feel like crying (overwhelming love energy surrounded me - several minutes passed)

Man: It is not an easy job but it is being done; by hundreds and hundreds of thousands of you across the planet at this time, because it is needed now. Keep on raising your vibration. Keep on calling on us for assistance and we will be here. 

Man: Transmission over. 

**** Hmmm, I'm doubting myself again with this channelling but hey, practise practise practise right? 

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