Channelling - My 1st Attempt 30th September 2020

Tonight, I consciously met 4 of my Star Family. I'm getting to know them. Only met tonight (even though they have been with me for a long time)  I'm just absolutely fascinated!

My main Guide was here, but I have known him for many years (and many lifetimes)

The 4 from tonight were two human types. A man and a woman. They both had blonde shabby hair, blue eyes and wore a blue top with gold trim uniforms. I interpreted their language as english but of an accent I have never heard before. I was too excited to still my mind enough to hear what they were saying. I was happy just to sit with them for the first time.

I asked them to stand in front of me and put their hand in mine. I silenced my mind and I could feel their energies. They must be close to 5th or 6th dimensional energies I'm guessing. 

Another of my Star Family was a beautiful female alien energy. She had the traditional dark almond shaped eyes and her skin had a shimmering green tinge to it. Her face had, what I would call 'tattoos' on it. Decorative pieces that lined the sides of her eyes and chin. Very nice. Her energy seemed much higher than the blue uniform people and she stood at my crown. I look forward to getting to know her more too. So gentle. 


A man stopped in for a while. Short shaved blonde hair. His name is Ivor. Pronounced E-vor. He held my hand and said a telepathic "Hello". It felt like he was in the middle of working/fulfilling the completion of a great job and he couldn't stay too long. He felt like action, mission, on-call to take action.  His is the only name I was given. Those were the 4 new ones. I'm so excited and humbled all at the same time.

And then there was my main Guide that is always with me as usual. He is pure unconditional love, respect, patience and he helps to ground me to the memory of Who-I-Really-Am. I love him dearly. We have been together many times over, and will continue to be so.

This was my first space, my first time of sitting down to practise channelling. Once I was aware of them all being with me, they brought in Cashew - our old dog that passed away in 2015. Oh my gosh. I broke down in tears and cried. So much happiness to see her with them in this way. They then brought through Tiger and Snuffy. These were my childhood pets. Two dear cats that I haven't seen for decades. Wow! Just wow! I was a bit of a blubbering mess after that until I slowly calmed myself. Grounded myself. Gave thanks and told them I would check in again tomorrow. 

Holy moly! I mean, I channel messages from peoples energy fields during Reiki and Crystal Healing sessions . . . . . .  and now here I am.  Practising a new way. Practising new connections - they feel like old connections though. Old connections that I have simply forgotten how to connect with.

And now it's time for me to remember again

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