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Make the time and take the time to master yourself. You are so worth it! 

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2/4 Duggan St, Toowoomba CBD. Available 9.30am - 7pm. Meter parking out front of the shop or in Grand Central.

For all other days, appointments will be held at Treeline Dr, Gowrie Junction.

Make Time To Master Yourself in this 

One-to-One Deep-Dive Personalised Package

We get stuck in so many unhealthy patterns over the years. Toxic relationships, hostile or defensive communication, a lack of money mindset, low self-confidence with negative self-talk. Depression, anxiety and stress with a worrying mind chatter can take hold and before we know it, we lose ourselves in the midst of all the demands. You are not alone. Sometimes we need support and guidance to help us create a new way of living. As your personal energy coach, I’m honored to help guide you there.

A Custom-Made Transformational Journey 

Drawing from over 10 years of experience in holistic healing, public speaking, and coaching, Kelly creates a unique experience designed to meet your individual needs. Each session draws from a variety of modalities and practices, including meditation and mindfulness practices, Access Consciousness Bars, life coaching, Reiki and crystals energy healing, tai chi for health, chakra awareness and balancing and law of attraction principles.

Kelly will guide you through a process to gain clarity on how you would like your life to unfold and identify the patterns that present themselves as barriers or blocks. You'll understand your triggers more deeply as  you explore practices and tools to overcome those patterns and barriers, shift your energy, and develop new strategies and perspectives for your life.

Our goal is lasting and sustainable changes that brings you into alignment with a better version of yourself and the life you are longing for.

If you have been feeling like 

  • You keep fighting with yourself and feeling bad about yourself on a regular basis
  • Your opinions don't seem to matter so you keep your words to yourself because you don't want to upset anyone
  • You always seem to be doing everything for everyone else with no thanks in return
  • Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and just want more energy and a better way of living
  • Tired of being disrespected and banging your head against a brick wall
  • Stressed out from work and money worries, had enough of the rat race, stuck in a rut
  • Using distractions as an excuse for procrastinating 
  • Had enough of struggling in relationships
  • Feeling hopeless and letting people walk all over you
  • Knowing that if you don't do something now it could mean "same shit different day" for the next 10 years . . . 

The Coaching to Heal package runs for 6 weeks. During this time we will focus on improving several areas of your mindset and energy which will impact on specific areas of your life. Over the 6 weeks you will absorb the full benefits of being able to shift specific energetic parts and patterns of your life and make the new changes stick once and for all!  We will ease out of blocks, barriers and old ways of thinking as we welcome in the energies of

  • Happier and healthier relationships at home and at work
  • Personal power, self-confidence and self-love including setting boundaries
  • Alignment with money prosperity (instead of a "lack of" mentality which pushes money away)
  • Allowing others to be as they are (detaching from drama and chaos)
  • Communication and self-expression regardless of what others may think
  • Goal focusing, decision making and heightening intuition
  • Connection with your Higher self

  • Each week includes in person energy healing sessions to check your chakras, energy and mindset and to monitor progress 
  • Receive Distant Reiki healing 3 times every week over 6 weeks
  • Includes tools and techniques for you to use specific to YOUR journey with Kelly's guidance and support
  • A 15 minute phone call every week to make sure that you are on track
  • Email support whenever needed throughout your 6 week transformation. You will also receive resources via email as well.
  • This package must be completed within the 6 week period. After this you will have tools to use for life, understand how to shift your perspectives, clear yourself of any heavy energies from each day, get out of your head and out of old ways of being in any situation, attract what you actually WANT to be experiencing and become a much better person with a much happier life because of it. No more mucking around. Let's get this done! 

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Online packages could become available in 2024 for interstate and overseas clients. Thank you.


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