Let's "Get Big" energetically and call our Guides to us


"Get Big" Energy Meditation 

Use the "Get Big" Energy Process to get your energy BIG and clean and fresh.

The meditation to "Get Big" goes for 11 minutes so be comfortable. This meditation can be used any time you feel the need to expand your energy and allow any dross and heaviness to simply fall away xo

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Call Your Guides To You

This is a free 1 page download with an example of calling your guides to you for help with energy work. Calm your mind first. Centre yourself. Breathe.

You can take a moment alone and speak the words out aloud or you can say the words in your mind. Close your eyes if you feel comfortable to do so. Choose any words you might resonate with and add in your own lines.

Remember that your energy will flow where your attention goes so as you "Call" each helper to you, pause for a moment to see if you can 'feel' that energy connection. It really is fascinating. The more you tune in to your Guides, the easier it will become to 'feel' their presence.

Over time, you will come up with your own “Calling” that will suit you best.

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If you've enjoyed this information feel free to share, orcome and join us at one of our live "Everything Is Connected" Retreats.   ;) xo