Distant Reiki For Solar Plexus Chakra

Need to ease lower back pain or money problems? Here's a free session for you. Let me explain.

We all have energy centres in our body. These are also known as "Chakras".  The root chakra relates to our survival needs. This includes shelter / the roof over our head, money to be able to pay our way through this human experience (for now, until it all changes), and our job, work or career. 

When we have negative thoughts  around money (delete), we are putting energy blocks in our root chakra centre. Same goes for bad thoughts around our work or our living situations.  Blocked root chakra energies can bring about aches and pain in our lower body.  When energy flows, pain goes!

I invite you to take less than ten minutes now, to relax as you follow along with this beautiful distant reiki healing session to get your root chakra energies flowing with ease.  Use this video as often as you like.  Enjoy xo


This video is not intended to replace medical treatment.  If pain persists, see your doctor.


Do even more work with your root chakra energies.

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