The Earthing Movie 

The "Award Winning" Earthing Movie is all about grounding the body and its crucial role in treating inflammation, helping to prevent chronic illnesses and the slowing of ageing. A must-see and do for all ages. 

Earthing products are available, read my story  below. Enjoy the movie!


Discover Earthing!

I love my garden. But here in Australia, depending on the season, sometimes it's stupid hot or flooded so I can't get into the backyard anyway. And then when I do go out to garden, I'm usually wearing sneakers to protect my feet from the almighty bindii, hidden redback spiders or the odd snake so I'm not actually grounding myself anyway. 


Another thing I enjoy almost every day is walking Harley dog around the block. We get outside and soak up some rays and vitamin D which is great. We get some exercise on our walk and yet again, I'm walking with shoes on so I'm not connecting with the energies of the earth during this time. 

This really made me think! I'll hang the washing out with no shoes on. I'll let the chooks out and play with Harley if it's not too hot or flooded with no shoes on. But that's not much time on the earth  at all. 

I've noticed my sleep patterns were getting worse. I'd wake at stupid o'clock and not get back to sleep. It's just been weird to say the least. I did some research and got myself a Universal Earthing Mat Kit. Far Out! 

Discover Earthing


I started using it 4 days ago (it's now 8/2/24) and I've slept great every single night. I've also been putting it under my legs when I'm sitting on the recliner, under my feet when I have a meal at the dining table and I'll walk on it when I'm cooking in the kitchen so I'm getting loads of time earthing day and night. 

My sleep patterns are under control so I wonder what else this earthing mat will do for me and my health. I will certainly make updates to this page over the months and years ahead as I become more connected with the earth :)  I've just had a look through the companys products and oh my gosh! I could get carried away with this! Look at what they have . . . Wow!  They've even got earthing socks, earthing bed sheets, red light therapy, earthing pet products, water filtration systems, earthing starter packs, earthing pillows, the list goes on. Click here to see.


BFH Earthing Universal Mat On bed


BFH Earthing Elite Mattress Cover


BFH Earthing Universal Mat


Earthing Elite Sleep Mat

And one of the great things that happened when I bought my mat was, they sent me a page filled with videos of how to plug it in (it comes with the grounding plug too), how to clean my mat when needed, how to check to see if it is earthed. It was just great to have this to get me ready for when my mat arrived. Awesome customer service!  Thank you Barefoot Healing.




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