I want to grow a hedge to get some privacy from the neighbours above us. I saw this video about Oleander that can make a great hedge. I had never thought of Oleander before, even though we have 2 growing up in the garden and 2 way down the back yard.

Toward the end of November 2020, I took softwood cuttings below a node (just like the lady explains in the video). I cut off excess leaves and then put the cuttings into a jar of water where I left it on the window sill in filtered light for 3 weeks.

After 3 weeks, some of the cuttings began showing signs of roots forming. I couldn't believe it. How easy was that! 

Pink Oleander Cuttings from sill to root took 3 weeks

I potted them 18th Dec 2020. Transferred to garden on   . . . . . 

Pics coming 

Pics coming 





 In August, prune Oleander. Do not remove more than one 3rd of the bush. This will encourage growth. Remove all debris. Have this done by mid September at the latest. 

I hope to add  more photos many years later 


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