Oregano is a perennial. This is a long term garden family member.

Loves being in full sun with free drainage. Do not overwater. 

Oregano can look shabby in the winter and summer and can even look like its on its last legs - but no! Use it or prune it back because one plant can last for years. 

I have grown mine in a pot to keep it all together for easier pruning because of what I saw in the video below 


Best time to plant new oregano seedlings


Doesn't like the heat of mid-summer so it could die back a little but it will bounce back when weather cools :) Give it a good trim when needed.




Slows down growth looking shabby. Not a fan of mid summer either

Cut back completely
Fork the soil to aerate
Add compost and water in 



Companion Plants For Oregano


All vegetables, parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme. (according to google)

Bad Neighbours

Still need to learn about this.


 Drying Oregano 

I'm really looking forward to trying this. 

  • Cut long stems and tie in a tight bundle with string. As plant dries out, string will loosen so tie it tight.
  • Hang on a string in a draft area out of the sun for 4 weeks.
  • When crumbly, store it in a zip lock bag or container. 
  • Can also be used to make potpourri. I'll link it when I've actually made it :) 

Comments and Suggestions for Oregano are Welcome - Help me learn :) 


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