Learn my easy methods to shift blocked energy around your intuition, your sleep,
thoughts, scattered energy and life decisions!
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What you'll learn inside Inner Guidance:


How to stop negative thoughts in their tracks

How to work with crystals for third eye chakra healing

Present moment practice

A breathing anchor for your wandering mind

Calling back scattered energy

Body wants sleep but mind doesn't? Try this and calm the mind to sleep

Muscle relaxation for a great nights sleep

Thought awareness allowing and letting go guided journey

A perfect day guided journey

Stone statue meditation practice (and why)

Trouble making decisions? Try these

Journalling and dreams

Understand your inner guidance and follow it without a doubt

How we used inner guidance to homeschool (a personal story)

Calm the mind and listen to your inner voice

Trust your intuition and work with it to benefit you

The relaxed version of you Guided journey

Ease headaches, ear aches, nightmares and eye strain with a follow along Distant Reiki Healing Video Session

Colour therapy to relieve third eye energy

Different ways to open third eye chakra

Reiki for mind and thoughts Guided journey meditation

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Our inner guidance is something that we all have access to. It can guide us through all things in life with ease and grace. Unfortunately, not many people use it. 

Feeling lost in life can put blocked energy into so many areas of our experience. Our thoughts can get in the way as we head on a downward spiral simply because we feel stuck. Lost. Unable to navigate toward a decision that will benefit us. 

Inner Guidance can help you to unlock your built-in navigation system
to get your entire life back on track !

You'll be able to use tools within yourself (that we're all born with) and instantly understand what will benefit you in your relationships, work, health and life in general when you use the techniques regularly.

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