#11 Colour Therapy For The Root Chakra

Use colour therapy to ease lower back and lower body blocks that can cause aches and pains anywhere from the hips down to the toes.
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The colour red relates to security and stability.  Red is also the colour associated with the root chakra. 

The root chakra distributes energy to your lower back and lower body. It also distributes energy to your money (or lack of), your job and your living situation. 

To stimulate the root chakra energy using colour therapy, simply sit on something that is red or wrap something red around your lower body from below the hips and downward.

Now think, just for a minute, what positive outcome you would like red therapy to achieve. This is how you "Set the intention" of being able to bring your root chakra back into balance as it clears away any lower body aches and pains. 

Just enjoy the experience and relax with a movie if you wish - with the lower part of your body covered in red ;-)

Next week I'll guide you through a process that will help you to gain complete clarity around your living situations. You'll be able toplay with energy to be able to make some positive living experiences.

I'll see you in next weeks email. 

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